Hot on the heels of their final televised showdown, Geoff Diehl challenged Maura Haley to a third gubernatorial debate, saying the Democrat’s “radical views on important issues” had been “hidden” from voters in previous forums. had gone.

But Haley, along with her campaign, said voters have had plenty of opportunity to see her Republican opponent’s true colors in past contests.

“People have had the opportunity to hear Geoff Diehl’s very pro-Trump, anti-choice views during two televised debates,” said Krissa Hand, a spokeswoman for the Haley campaign of the Trump-backed former state representative.

“Mora looks forward to taking her case directly to voters in the final two weeks of the campaign,” he added.

The two last debated on Thursday, when they clashed over a range of issues including the environment, heating costs, a proposed additional tax on the wealthy, abortion and the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.