MassDOT has offered to rehire some employees who were fired for failing to comply with the state’s vaccine mandate, and Gov. Charlie Baker’s office indicated that other state agencies have made similar offers. Who is

Matthew Nosp, the agency’s chief human resources officer, sent a letter to a former employee last week offering to reinstate him to his previous position, with the same “duties and responsibilities and reporting relationships.”

The letter notes that the offer of reinstatement, if accepted, is “effective immediately and unconditional,” and also indicates that the former employee receiving the offer must have religious exemptions prior to his termination. applied for

Anisha Chakraborty, a spokeswoman for the governor’s office, said an unspecified number of employees who were not previously covered by the vaccine requirement, which allows for certain medical and religious exemptions, were offered their jobs.

“The administration has recently been able to accommodate very few positions that were not previously accommodated under the vaccine requirement,” Chakraborty said. “These employees have been offered their positions back, and management does not anticipate any further letters seeking additional positions.”

Chakraborty said the administration has no plans to lift the vaccine mandate for state workers, which was implemented in August 2021. The “vast majority” of employees have complied with that requirement, he added.

A MassDOT spokeswoman deferred comment to the governor’s office.

According to a state form dated December 23, 2021, 131 of the 132 employees who applied to MassDOT for religious exemptions had their applications denied. And 11 of the 49 employees who applied for medical exemption were also rejected.

The numbers were even higher at the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, where 815 of 868 employees who applied for religious exemptions, and 40 of 68 who applied for medical exemptions, were denied.

State Police Association of Massachusetts spokesman Chris Keohan said the union learned of the MassDOT letter Monday night, but had not been informed of any return-to-work offer among its membership.