An LGBTQ+ Jewish group has offered to pay for the activities of every club at Yeshiva University. (Getty/Spencer Platt)

An LGBTQ+ advocacy group has stepped in after Yeshiva University’s campus pride group froze all student clubs.

Yeshiva University blocked every single student club in response to a Supreme Court order ordering it to recognize the LGBTQ+ YU Pride Alliance club on campus.

In response, Jewish Queer Youth of New York offered to fund all student groups on Tuesday (Sept. 20), to prevent the university’s decision from painting “a target on the backs of queer undergraduate students.”

According to YU’s independent student newspaper, it has pledged to raise at least $10,000 for the fundraising campaign, with each active club applying for $500 in funding per event. Commentator.

The non-profit organization aims to support Jewish LGBTQ+ youth in the region and has continuously supported the YU Pride Alliance since its founding in 2019.

From the beginning, Yeshiva University repeatedly refused to recognize the club’s members and activities on campus, leading members of the Pride Alliance to file a lawsuit against the organization.

In June 2022, the New York County Supreme Court found that the university was violating the city’s human rights laws by refusing to recognize the group.

Judge Lynn Coulter ordered the university to provide the LGBTQ+ group with “the privileges, facilities, and privileges afforded to all other student groups,” rejecting claims that the university has no obligation to do so because it is a is a “religious corporation”.

He explained that recognizing the existence of the YU Pride Alliance did not violate First Amendment rights because “the formal identity of a student group does not amount to it. [an] Confirmation of this group’s message.”

But Yeshiva University didn’t accept the ruling and chose to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court, which responded in a 5-4 ruling on Coulter’s motion to halt the mission in a sweeping September 15 decision. Rejected.

But the university found a loophole – realizing that if it blocked all student groups, it wouldn’t have to recognize the LGBTQ+ group.

Since then, several students currently at the university have claimed that $150-$200 of their tuition fees per semester – which goes towards club activities – should be returned.

A spokesman for the religious institution said: “Every faith-based university in the country has the right to work with its students, including its LGBTQ students, to establish clubs, venues and spaces that are consistent with its religious tradition. Yeshiva University seeks just that right of self-determination.


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