Letters to the Editor, April 27, 2022

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Inflation has hit hardest those at the lowest end of the economic scale. Those in low-paid jobs and retirees are the hardest hit by rising inflation. Throw in Trudeau’s brutal and punitive taxes, and it makes life difficult and results in broken lives, unstable families, and broken hopes and dreams for many Canadians who want to succeed. Poverty is on the rise as taxes go up for those who are trying to make ends meet. The economy is headed for recession, depression or worse! Under a financially irresponsible liberal government.

Charles Owen
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(And Trudeau just keeps raising costs for Canadians – thanks to the NDP)


A few months ago, I invited the Ontario Liberal Party to enter the race to run as a potential candidate, and the party’s response was disastrous. My political position is center-left in an imperfect world. However, I was shocked to read an email from one of the co-chairs of the party, which stated: “The trip has been announced for women only, which means that the Commissioner for Nominations will only accept applications for nominations from candidates, who identify themselves as women.” I understand decades of systematic racism and inequalities against minorities, women, indigenous peoples, and so on, but for a political party that claims to be the defender of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, this is contrary to the spirit of democracy and all “equal values”. that the Liberal Party claims to have a strong hold on Canadians. In addition, the party personally selected most of the candidates in many races in which “others” like me did not have the right to vote. From an ethical standpoint, the party has done more damage to basic democratic values ​​than any other party. I am not the first victim of this unfair political practice, and I am not the last person to passionately share this concern. I am just one voter who has lost confidence in a party that no longer defends the values ​​of the Charter. However, this time I cast my vote more carefully and remind myself of the need to advocate for an “equal society” in the highly politicized environment of our time.

The content of the article

Aria Alavi

(As a political party, they have the right to decide who runs for them. However, hypocrisy in response to your proposal to run is laughable.)


Regarding “Count on More Help” (Stephen Del Luca, April 25): I am an older man and have lived in Ontario all my life. I have found that any “help” the liberals offer me always results in a higher cost of everything I have to buy and a sharp increase in my taxes, especially now that inflation is at its highest in 30 years, caused by the feds’ horrendous habit of overspend. . I’m pretty sure most Ontario voters have also noticed this disturbing result of liberal largesse. Thanks but no!

Carol Joseph

(Many voters don’t seem to care about debt and deficits.)

share the blame

Why are the voters of this country never held accountable for their actions? They chose the current federal government, which most Canadians disapprove of. Each of us has a friend or relative who voted for the liberals. It’s time to deal with them.

Rob Miller

(Great idea)