A lawsuit for peace

Douglas Schon combined my call for diplomacy with “appeasement” in an attempt to skirt the issue of peace.

A negotiated solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict is far from satisfactory. There will be compromise on both sides. Yet it would save America and humanity from the ever-increasing threat of a catastrophic nuclear war, which Schoen ridiculously thought could be won.

Does Vladimir Putin, a former foreign intelligence officer and local politician who has long presided over Russia’s economic stagnation and demographic decline, pose an “existential threat” akin to Hitler? “We can be sure that the buck won’t stop with Ukraine for Putin,” Schoen writes. “This is one war in Russia’s great struggle to restore its Soviet-era hegemony, and if we hand it victory, there’s no telling what it will do next” (“American Leadership in a Dangerous World.” Need,” 10/23).

But is it really? Putin has long declared, and the US has long acknowledged, that Ukraine’s entry into NATO is a red line for Russia. Putin has neither the desire nor demonstrated ability to “restore” the Soviet Union. Indeed, Russia’s well-documented difficulties in conquering cities just miles from its border suggest that Putin poses no meaningful conventional threat to the US or NATO.

Yet even Schoen admits, “Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, and there’s no telling what Putin might do if he feels hemmed in.” The logic that emerges from this observation is that increased US involvement in this border dispute in a region long fought between two corrupt regimes is not worth the risk.

Now is the time for the nation to heed John Quincy Adams’s wise counsel not to “go abroad in search of monsters to destroy” lest they be “supported by causes beyond the power of extricating themselves.” which assume and devour colors. the standard of freedom.”

Jordan Bruneau

Los Angeles, CA

Paging Aaron Judge

The Astros are back in the World Series vs. the Phillies, but I’ll thoroughly enjoy what could potentially happen in free agency and New York Yankees right fielder Aaron James Judge. Time for Redemption, 102 years ago when George Herman Roth Jr. was traded to the Bronx Bombers and the start of his dynasty, the Red Sox can now acquire Aaron Judge and watch him proudly wear a Red Sox uniform. can Aaron, make my day.

Tony Meschini


Taxing generosity

Robert Kraft donates $50 million to Mass General to benefit the less fortunate. It was not the repair of roads or bridges, but a greater cause, human life. So as a favor we want to tax his wealth for roads and bridges when the gas tax and federal infrastructure money is supposed to be used for that. There are many wealthy people like Mr. Kraft who donate to humanitarian causes that benefit the less fortunate. So here’s the plan we have with “Question 1” – let’s tax those people so the politicians can use the money to pay some dudes with contracts. So the good guys and the beneficiaries of their donations lose and the money grabbers win with a “yes vote on question 1”.

Paul Coglia