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Home security is the first step
in reducing the risk of forest fires

It’s good to see front-page coverage of the important topic of home reinforcement in New Ways to Protect Homes from Wildfires (Page A1, June 17). Too much attention has been paid to significantly reducing fuel consumption to reduce the risk of forest fires.

Reducing fuel consumption can take place if it is carried out near populated areas and to protect escape routes. However, no amount of fuel cuts will prevent wind-driven fires resulting from the heat and drought we are experiencing due to climate change. No amount of reduction in fuel consumption will stop the embers from these fires from traveling miles and setting houses on fire.

We all need to understand that reducing the risk of wildfires starts with the fire protection of our homes and communities. But as your article points out, the costs of doing so can be high. We need the help of our leaders. Home hardening should be encouraged in the same way as it was the case with solar and car hybrids or electric vehicles.

Jennifer Normoyle

Biden must look
compromise on gas

The Biden administration is proposing abolition of the federal gas tax holiday, but is facing resistance in trying to get it through Congress.

A compromise is needed. I propose to lift some of the restrictions on exploration, drilling and pipelines that the administration put in place at the beginning of its tenure.

Yes, fossil fuels contribute to global warming, but we don’t have enough renewable energy sources to fuel the economy. We need a temporary solution that will restore our energy independence as a nation.

We have the resources to do this without bowing to the Saudis and importing dirty Venezuelan oil.

The proposed elimination of the gas tax will be another political game unless a bipartisan compromise is reached.

Neil Bonke
Los Altos

Hollywood plays a role
in ending gun violence

Hollywood can stop gun violence. Shooting and gunfights are everywhere in movies and TV, not just R-rated movies or late-night TV shows.

It’s so common that viewers can become indifferent to the violence. It becomes normal, especially for impressionable minds. Hollywood has claimed in the past that they simply reflect society. They are not the catalyst for the evil that is portrayed on the screen.

However, they produce films with people of color and women in prominent roles. They depict people in non-traditional sexual roles. Hollywood is trying to shed light on these social problems. Why can’t they do the same to curb the gun violence they spill on screen?

Wesley Higaki
Mountain View

Will the hearing cost Trump?
Christian support?

The Jan. 6 hearing showed the worst of President Donald Trump, especially his treatment of Vice President Mike Pence.

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