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Letter to the Editor - 15 October 2021. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Letter to the Editor – 15 October 2021.

Issue: The White House’s response to the lack of transparency surrounding the sale of Hunter Biden’s art.

President Biden was asked about possible corruption, including the “smartest man” he knew, his son Hunter (“Eyes are still blinking on Hunter’s sleigh.” Editorial, October 11.

The reporter replied: “You’re kidding me.” This is accepted as an answer to a legitimate question.

We believe that his son, who was taken out of the Navy for drugs, lied on a request for a pistol permit and left his laptop for repair, which contained all kinds of evidence that That would be more than selling art in the father’s name. When will America wake up?

Michael Murphy.


The White House is not throwing its hands on Hunter’s obvious art scam. This will indicate frustration when the management really does not care.

Our corrupt justice system will not enforce laws against Democrats. Mainstream media propagandists will not cover this.

As far as voters are concerned, spoil them. Democrats will just keep changing the election rules. They are not disappointed. They are laughing at you.

Rich Cody


Is there anything that Hunter Biden does that is honest, straightforward and not just another scheme?

He is the younger generation of President Jimmy Carter’s younger brother Billy Carter, who could not get out of trouble.

For drug addicts, financial schemes, big money deals have been made with foreign governments whose father is the president. If Hunter was Trump, the media would have eaten him alive.

So his current quest is abstract painting – works that have been bought secretly, possibly by “art lovers” from China, Ukraine, Iran and elsewhere.

Hunter flags are never illegal on their faces. It’s just that he’s not an artist, knows nothing about the oil and gas business or private equity, yet deals like a senior partner at Goldman Sachs. As her father used to say, “Come on, man!”

Amir Klitzberg

Princeton, NJ

It is a slap in the face to struggling artists around the world that Hunter Biden had the opportunity to sell his work.

Do we even know that it actually worked? His record of lying speaks for itself.

I’m sorry to hear that this family is in the White House.

Alfred Bonabel.


ISSUE: Brooklyn protects Kerry Irving’s decision not to vaccinate despite the Netz mandate.

I love the way Kerry says it’s not about money. It’s about his beliefs (“Speaks” October 14).

What about his belief in being a team player? He is hurting his team. He should also realize that he is an inspirer who can set an example by vaccinating and then other people will follow him.

If he understood the concept, the sanctions would eventually be lifted.

He also expressed concern about those who lost their jobs as a result of epidemics. I wonder how much he has paid to Czech food banks since the epidemic began.

D. Gold


Net’s general manager Sean Marks said the team “respects” Kerry Irving’s decision to be a bad, loyal partner by not getting vaccinated.

Since the word “respect” means approval and even praise, Marx should have used the word “accept”.

Many bad things have to be “accepted”, but if they are bad they should never be “respected”.

Richard Siegelman.

Simple view.

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