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Lance replaces Garopolo - for good? - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Lance replaces Garopolo – for good?

Lance replaces Garopolo - for good?

Santa Clara – That is, the 49ers (2-2) rated the Seattle Seahawks (2-2) at home loss on Sunday 28-21:

Pass Office: D +

SANTA CLARA, California – October 3: Debut Samuel, 19, of the San Francisco 49ers, gathers the crowd at Levy Stadium before the kick-off for the Seattle Seahawks game in Santa Clara, California on Sunday, October 3, 2021. / Bay Area News Group)

Jimmy Garopolo’s calf injury began (unofficially) during the Tree Lance era. No one can say whether Garopolo will be able to regain his job, given how his health history compels most 49 people to seek extra QB, which has to be priced at No. 3. Garopolo is not a dummy. He knows how it works, how one can lose a job. He hates to be hurt (and the jump didn’t help in the double pass defeat). “I’ve been in this situation many times and it’s really old,” Garopolo echoed the fan’s thoughts. On the opening drive was Touch Down Felt Great Baby. Then came a Jimmy Throw interception, when a defensive back cleverly assumed that Garopolo would find George Kettle in the middle. The offense ended, and Lance couldn’t save him, not from the improved runs (is Kill Shanhan ready for this gambit?) Nor Debo Samuel with two touchdown passes if Trent Williams’s shoulder injury. Seriously, it could be more of a season spoiler than any other position, no offense for the rookie Jaylon Moore, who would be protecting the blind part of the rookie quarterback (running back).

Running: C.

Santa Clara, California – October 3: San Francisco 49ers Tree Sermon (28) in the first quarter against the Seattle Sea Hawks on Sunday, October 3, 2021 at the Levy Stadium in Santa Clara, California (Carl Mondon / Bay Area News Group)

The Tree preacher ran away more convinced than he had begun. He averaged 89 yards (4.7 yards per carry) on 19 carries. However, he did not break more than 15 yards. Lance’s longest run was 13 yards dash (seven carry, 41 yards). Jacques Patrick’s first two carriages were just a setup for his third snap with 49 yards (12 yards), a truck play pass for Garopolo for a deep imperfection for George Cuttle. For the first time this season, there was no quick touchdown, although his average of 143 rushing yards and 4.9 yards per carry was still excellent.

Pass Defense: D +

Santa Clara, California – October 3: Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) hit a touchdown in the third quarter at Levi Stadium on Sunday, October 3, 2021 before San Francisco 49ers’ Donty Johnson (27) (Santa Clara, California) (Carl Mundon / Bay Area News Group)

The 49ers got an A + with a rush (three sacks) and coverage that forced a three-and-out series on Seattle’s first five malls. and then? Well, they failed to stop Russell Wilson from doing things on the turf of the 49ers. He passed for just 149 yards, but a 12-yard touchdown pass to DK Metcalfe thwarted the 49ers’ shutout bid and stopped the pace before halftime. Two snaps of Wilson’s forward touchdown run, the Seahawks turned a special team takeaway into Wilson’s second touchdown pass after a brilliant escape from the grip of Donte Johnson and the pursuit of Nick Bosa. After halftime, Wilson was not fired and was only hit twice. Dre Kirkpatrick started the heat, faded late, and was fined for interfering in the NFL-high eighth pass this season. The Hawks came on the final touchdown drive, which was extended by a Ford of Side penalty.

Run Defense: D +

Santa Clara, California – October 3: Alex Collins (41) of the Seattle Seahawks went for a touchdown at the San Francisco 49ers’ Jackson Tart (3) on Sunday, October 3, 2021 at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California. (Carl Mundon / Bay Area News Group)

The 319-pound defensive tackle (Joan Conlau) should not be the last line of defense on the quarterback scumble to move forward. Once again, Line Baker Aziz was engaged in other dramas in coverage – on DK Metcalfe and Freddie Swain’s touchdown catches. The 14-yard touchdown run limited 81-yard drive and extended the Seahawks to 28-13, with the last 12 minutes seemingly a waste of time with Lance’s touchdown with 80 seconds left. The defense has a takeaway through four games. unacceptable

Special teams: F.

SANTA CLARA, California – October 3: The San Francisco 49ers try to score a field goal against the Seattle Seahawks in the second quarter on Sunday, October 3, 2021 at the Levy Stadium in Santa Clara, California. V. Meyer / Bay Area News Group) Nhat V. Meyer / Bay Area News Group

This is not a downside to his back injury before the game against Robbie Gold, nor is it an accusation against Mitch Vishnovsky for his emergency kicker / punter / tickler. No, this grade is largely due to a glitch on Trenton Canon’s kick-off return – the Seahawks built on it with another touchdown after taking the lead – followed by another terrific Canon comeback. Go back to Vishnevsky for a second: Why dare to score a 41-yard field goal after seeing that he barely made a point after kick through the wickets. Which leads us to this;

Coaching: F.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – October 3: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garopolo (10) stands behind San Francisco 49ers head coach Kill Shanahan as he plays in the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks. , October 3, 2021. (Nath V Meyer / Bay Area News Group)

Losing their first two home games, and doing so with an illegal offense (regardless of the quarterback); and a second-half retreating defense; It looked like they were playing with home money when it was just a 7-0 lead. I despise the “unexpected” clause for Lance’s entry, as it contradicts the job description of the crutch backup quarterback. Lance made no commendable excuses (but didn’t seem ready with the limited number of first team representatives). 49ers look back. Who will hold their rally? Is the roster too heavy, with only a handful of veterans being paid in recent years while everyone else is on the deal? Welcome to NFC West.