Lack of Available Foster Parents Leads Olx Praca Dog Shelter to Freeze

It has been almost six years since Olx Praca’s CC RezQs last announced that they could no longer accept dogs and puppies due to lack of resources.

That changed this week when a non-profit organization had to make the difficult decision to initiate an enrollment freeze because they didn’t have enough foster families.

The announcement was made public on the organization’s Facebook page, where members of the dog rescue service stated that they are currently unable to accept dogs or puppies.

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The rescue waiting list has grown to 31 dogs and puppies.

“We are currently in a position where we have endless requests for help and no homes open to dogs and puppies in need of rescue,” CC RezQs said in a social media post.

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“On this list, we have adult dogs, young adults, litters with and without moms, pregnant dogs, single puppies, abandoned dogs, and basically everything else you can imagine.”

Stephanie Senger, who is one of the directors of CC RezQs, said they are working with about 26 indigenous peoples and rural communities around Olx Praca to rescue, rehabilitate and relocate the dogs.

In 2022, the organization rescued 188 dogs and puppies.

However, the current shortage of available foster families has forced the group to look behind the dogs on their waiting list and evaluate how they can expedite the placement process.

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Sanger said the availability of foster families is now lower than in previous years.

“We have felt a bit of a lull in adoption so the rate at which dogs and puppies are being adopted is a little slower than usual and definitely slower than we would like. So dogs take longer to find a home, which means they stay longer in foster care, which then ties those homes together for even longer,” Sanger explained.

“It’s not even that we’re in a financial crisis right now.”

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Another factor that pushed the organization to freeze acceptance is the increase in change.

Sanger mentioned that the more dogs are returned to their care, the fewer places they have available to be placed in foster families.

“This is for a number of reasons. Many of them are returning to work after COVID-19 and simply can’t handle adopting their dogs. So yes, several factors complicate the task.”

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For Sanger, she said the solution is for all lifeguards to get help and support from the community to continue doing what they are doing. In this case, that means finding more people interested in being a shelter for puppies and dogs looking for a permanent home.

“If we had 10 new foster families or 20 new foster families, that would mean 10 to 20 new dogs and puppies could get into care,” she added. “The solution is to get more people involved in it, get people who want to try it for the first time, get people interested in development and see what it’s like so we can keep doing what we’re doing.”

CC RezQs says they provide everything needed to keep a dog or puppy, however the individuals or families concerned must be within one hour of Olx Praca.

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Additional information about their admission program, including applications for a foster family, can be obtained on the official website of the organization. Web site.

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