Killer Daniel Ainsley ran knives in Asda before Harrogate murder

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A killer who stabbed his roommate 37 times was caught on CCTV calmly walking down the kitchen aisle in Asda looking for knives minutes before striking.

Daniel Ainsley was then seen selecting a blade from the set and concealing it in the waistband of his pants before making his way to the bed he shared with his victim.

The 24-year-old stabbed Mark Wolsey, 48, at his home and left the eight-inch gun protruding from his chest.

Ainsley had been asked to stay with the father of two when he was kicked out of a shelter for violent and abusive behavior and needed a place to stay.

Leeds Crown Court heard Ainsley stand over the body of the man who saved him from homelessness “until his last breath”.

He then dialed 999 and told a police officer that he had killed a “so-called friend”.

A postmortem examination revealed that Mark had been stabbed 15 times during the frenzied attack, nine times in the torso and six times in the upper arm.

Mark had invited struggling Ainsley to stay with him when he became homeless (Photo: North Yorkshire Police / SWNS)
Ainsley’s insistence on his mental health issues meant he could not be convicted of murder was dismissed by the court (Photo: North Yorkshire Police / SWNS)

Seven of the nine chest wounds penetrated his major organs and he also had 37 superficial knife wounds on his body, the court heard.

Ainsley, drug addict and alcoholic, admitted manslaughter on the grounds of reduced liability.

But he was jailed for life with a minimum sentence of 21 years and three months in prison after prosecutors ruled that his complex personality disorder did not fully explain the murder.

It was discovered that he carried out the attack on a “targeted, premeditated and targeted” property on a property in Harrogate.

Ainsley met his victim three years earlier when they briefly worked together, but he recently kicked him out of the apartment because of his behavior.

After killing Mark, Ainsley immediately called the police and told them he had “stabbed a man to death”.

The court played a scary audio message to 999 where Ainsley told the operator “I need you to come and arrest me” and, when asked where the knife was, replied “to the inside him “.

He was seen on CCTV selecting his murder weapon at an Asda supermarket (Photo: North Yorkshire Police / SWNS)

He was arrested in Mayfield Grove shortly after Mr Wolsey’s body was found around 10 p.m.

The court heard that Ainsley gave the doctors several different accounts as to why he killed his former friend.

Dr Harry Wood, who assessed Ainsley after his arrest, said he told him he heard a ghost’s voice “whisper in his ear” and “order” him to take a knife and kill Mark.

He had complex and “lifelong” mental health issues including borderline personality disorder, paranoia and “auditory voices”.

But a psychiatric consultant said Ainsley did not meet the criteria for reduced liability and that his behavior in the run-up to murder was “controlled, determined and determined.”

Mark’s son Taylor described him as his “best friend” and told the court that his life is now “a huge hole”.

Ainsley was again captured while paying for the knife during a check-out (Photo: North Yorkshire Police / SWNS)

He said Mark loved his granddaughter and that she would be deprived of “her father’s fantastic personality and love”.

Mark’s daughter Harley said her father’s death had left a “huge and frightening void” in her life and her mother Jane Smith said her son had a “heart of gold” and “wouldn’t anything for anyone, especially if they were in difficulty or in need ‘.

Judge Simon Phillips QC said the circumstances of the murder were “tragic and terrible in a very high degree”, adding: “He was helpless, vulnerable”. He didn’t stand a chance.

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