Kidzapalooza gets local flair from Brothers, Collaboration and School of Rock.

This week, all the cool kids will be hanging out at Lollapalooza — especially on the Kidzapalooza stage, where the youngest fans can participate in airbrush “tattoos,” get headshots at the rock star photo booth, beat Learn to box, and enjoy daily entertainment for the whole family.

“Lollapalooza has a lot of stimulation, and Kidzapalooza is a kind of sensory overload and escape from the heat, and a place where kids can come and play,” says Anthony Moseley, artistic director of the theater group Collaboration and official stage emcee. ” at the weekend.

As part of its Kidzapalooza programming, Collaboration — a Chicago theater group focused on social change now in its 26th season — will stage “The Light” on Thursday at 3 p.m. The multidisciplinary performance art piece (also part of the “Nights Out in the Parks” programming in August) features six young artist/activists who come together to discuss important messages such as body positivity, celebrating differences and mental health. Superheroes take on personas. The group includes 15-year-old twin dancers Phelan and Kira Pearce, who currently have a sponsored bill on the Illinois House floor, The Pearce Twins Act, a new statewide high school reading list with more diverse representation. will establish

“We can learn so much from the kids, and what I personally love is that they come back every year and you see them grow and develop right before your eyes,” Moseley says. He adds, “Music and art and the history of coming together are central to our growth and development as social beings, and by showing young people as artists/activists, we hope that other Encourage the youth that they can do the same.”

The collaboration will feature “The Light” — featuring Ella Rae (from left), Ava Lynn Tripsky, Kyra Pearce, Fallon Pearce, Marcus Jackson and Nate Bosher — performing at Kidzapalooza on Thursday.

It’s a feeling the Q brothers like to see, too. The 20-year-strong local ensemble — known for translating classic theater works from Shakespeare to Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” into hip-hop musicals to pre-“Hamilton” — has been a part of Kidzapalooza since its inception. Is. They will be doing two shows this year, Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 1:30pm.

“We’ve known families for 15 years who tell us, ‘Our kids are in college and we still listen to that song where they rap about ice cream with you guys,'” the Q Brothers co-star. Says founder JQ.

Along with partner GQ, the Q Brothers will perform tracks from their 2020 album “Buggin'” at Kidzapalooza, and show off their improvised and freestyle rap skills with audience support.

“The idea is that kids are just little people and in some ways more open to listening to any kind of music than adults,” says GQ. “We never dumbed it down.”

Nor does School of Rock, whose students get to play on stage with sets on Thursdays at 1:30pm and Fridays at 3pm.

“Our mission is to enrich lives through performance-based music education, so getting students on stage is a central part of what we do,” says Andy Levenberg, manager of music education, whose It is estimated that more than 200 alumni of the school have played Kidzapalooza. Some have also formed bands as adults that have played the festival’s main stages, including Hippocampus and Dr. Dog.

The School of Rock students playing Kidzapalooza this year are ages 12 to 18 and are among 19 schools exclusively in the Chicago area with year-round open enrollment. Their two sets this week will run the gamut, from Deep Purple and Prince to Aretha Franklin and My Chemical Romance.

“I would encourage parents and kids to come and check it out,” Levenberg says. “Having the youth in the audience really excites the students because they’re playing for their peers. … And my favorite part is seeing the faces of the adults when the students play and blow them away.”

Students From Chicago-Area School Of Rock Venues Will Entertain Lollapalooza Fans On The Kidzapalooza Stage This Year.

Students from Chicago-area School of Rock venues will entertain Lolapalooza fans on the Kidzapalooza stage this year.

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