Tenants living inside the drug house at 235 Nickel Rd. Evicted Friday morning in Kelowna.

Although many people who live near the troubled home say their neighbors suffered a lot, they are relieved to see peace return to their street.

“I’m so happy, finally something is being done,” said a woman who lives near the house. “It seems like it’s been going on forever.”

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Kelowna RCMP are investigating a serious assault on Nickel Road.

Since November 2021, more than three dozen police files have been opened at the home, ranging from noise complaints to serious issues such as assault and stolen property.

The landlord claims he owes about $15,000 in rent. Now, after months of trying to get the tenants removed, they have finally been evicted.

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Surrey landlord Amit Chopra said it’s all so surreal that it doesn’t even feel like they’re gone.

“It was really stressful, but I’m very happy that we were able to wrap it up and clean up the place.”

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A problem house in Kelowna is attracting police attention.

Chopra added that the people who lived in the house were not even tenants. He says their names aren’t on the lease, and that they only moved in after his last tenant moved out.

“They were illegally occupying the house,” Chopra said. “I called the cops, they said it was an RTB problem, the Residential Tenancies Board.

“I’ve been going around the Residential Tenancy Board circles, and they keep giving me dates, but these people aren’t even tenants. Unfortunately, they’re just squatters.”

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A Nanaimo, BC family returns from vacation to find the home trashed by squatters.

Kelowna mayoral candidate David Habib was asked by the homeowner if he could step in to take matters into his own hands — after his calls to the city of Kelowna went unanswered following Chopra’s claims.

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Habib says he has come up with a plan to evict the tenants in a dignified and fair manner by giving them 10 days’ advance notice.

“When we committed to that timeline, they seemed very genuine, and that’s why I agreed to the timeline, because they asked for a little more time and I didn’t,” Habib said. Habib said.

“We talked for 10 (days), and that’s why I think it’s a blessing for everybody, because they stuck to what they said they were going to do.”

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Kelowna, B.C. mayoral candidate David Habib is helping evict tenants in ‘problem homes’

Habib says a construction crew hired by the landlord spent the day Friday hauling away loads of furniture and waste.

“They’re boarding the house, they’re going to put up a construction fence, put up no desecration signs and move on from there,” Habib said.

The owner of the house says that since the house is beyond repair, there are plans to demolish it.

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