Kamala Harris: ‘Women in America are getting pregnant every day, and it’s a real problem’

Congress needs to hurry and enact abortion as a federal right because pregnant women are “a real problem” as far as Vice President Kamala Harris is concerned.

Ms. Harris doubled down on Sunday in an interview in which she urged Congress to take immediate action on abortion legislation after the Supreme Court’s decision last month in Dobbs v. Jackson overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. The decision was overturned.

“Listen, women in America are getting pregnant every day, and it’s a real problem,” he told left-leaning podcast host Brian Tyler Cohen.

Ms. Harris continued: “And we need to act with a sense of urgency about what’s at stake, what’s at stake, and codifying Roe will be a watershed moment in terms of protecting those people. Who are in danger now because of what the court did in Dobbs a few weeks ago.

Among those criticizing Ms. Harris for calling pregnant women a “real issue” was Republican congressional candidate Irene Armendariz Jackson, who is running to unseat Veronica Escobar, Democrat of Texas.

“Yesterday Kamala spoke as if there was a ‘pregnancy crisis’, as if women were just ‘waking up with pregnancy’ as if it were a disease,” Ms Armendariz-Jackson tweeted. “Anything to justify the Democrats’ insane need for abortion.”

Media Research Center commentator Patrick Taylor asked: “Meaningless word salad, Freudian slip, or political argument?”

“This is the game the American people are often forced to play with Vice President Kamala Harris,” he said in a Monday post.

Janet Morana, co-founder of the pro-life Silent No More awareness campaign, asked why abortion is the vice president’s failure.

“Our @VP says ‘Women in America are getting pregnant every day and it’s a real problem.’ And of course #abortion is the only solution to this ‘problem’. Shouldn’t it be about the party in power not wanting to leave anyone alive? Ms Morana tweeted.

Some commentators pointed out that he referred to pregnant women rather than “pregnant persons”, despite efforts by the Biden administration to include transgender people.

“What about all the men who are getting pregnant?” A tweeter broke.

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