Judge wants direct access to Cardi B’s STD test results

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A judge has requested direct access to Cardi B’s sexually transmitted disease test results ahead of her libel and libel lawsuit against a YouTube blogger.

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U.S. District Judge William Ray ordered UCLA’s Center for Women’s Pelvic Health in Los Angeles to send him “all medical records” related to Cardi’s herpes and human papillomavirus (HPV) tests.

This is the subject of the rap star’s lawsuit against YouTube gossip blogger Latasha Kebe, who Cardi says engaged in a “malicious campaign” to destroy her reputation by claiming she worked as a prostitute, used cocaine, cheated on her husband, and had – and has – herpes and HPV.

“My client does not have HPV or herpes,” Cardi’s lawyer Lisa Moore told Rolling Stone. “Two of the defamatory statements at issue are the vile, false and very offensive statements by the defendant that my client has herpes and HPV, and we provided these documents 14 months ago in support of my client’s claims. . “

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Those medical records were reportedly challenged by Kebe’s legal team earlier this month, and now the judge has ordered hospital officials to produce the records directly to the court for private inspection.

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