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Josiah Bartlett is not that: Biden is shaking. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Josiah Bartlett is not that: Biden is shaking.

Thursday night, Nancy Pelosi had to block the House vote on the Bilateral Infrastructure Bill. Because, like the border agents in Del Rio, he didn’t flog anyone.

Progressives in its caucus, including the squad, will not bow to their “no” votes. So on Friday, the speaker pulled out big guns in the form of a big man. it’s fine. Joe Biden went to the capital to straighten things out.

Earlier in the week, White House Press Secretary Jane Psaki compared the tense talks on the hill to the TV show “The West Wing.” Maybe that’s where the idea for the trip came from. In one episode, the legendary President Jade Bartlett goes to Congress to negotiate with Republicans and keep the government open. Along the way, he dramatically stops and walks up the hill. Through the symbolic power of the presidency, he bends the legislators to his will.

This week’s episode is a bit more serious. For one thing, Biden is not moving forward. In the Capitol to manipulate the GOP’s votes – he is running for his party’s votes, which controls both houses of Congress for trackers. It doesn’t look brave, it’s frustrating.

Martin Shane
Martin Shane played Jade Bartlett in “The West Wing”.
Michael Tolberg / Getty Images

The situation is so bad that on Friday Saki lamented that “we have not seen any real courage on the part of the House Republicans,” as if the GOP had some responsibility to defend Biden’s agenda.

But it gets worse for the president, because if Houselift is a difficult place, then Sense. Which are Manchin and Kirsten Cinema Stone. Manchin is his type, grandfather himself. Stick to its $ 1.5 trillion cap on reconciliation.Progressives want ڈالر 3.5 trillion instead. Cinemas have been to the White House so many times this week that they know the coffee order from the heart, but to no avail.

At the end of the day, Democrats will probably pass something, even if it’s part of the race, change, FDR-capable Leviathan they wanted. Then, like the withdrawal from Afghanistan, they will claim that it was planned, it was expected. But you can’t win in Pinto when you promised the crowd a Porsche.

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie
White House Press Secretary Jane Psaki compared the talks to a popular TV show.
Avon Wuchi / AP

What has become painfully clear is that Biden cannot control the Democratic Cox beyond borders or inflation. His incredibly shrinking presidency is underway. No one in Congress will be bothered by his presidential presence. But maybe, maybe, they will feel sorry for an old man who is badly on his head.