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Jeff Bezos praises Netflix's 'squid game' sparks internet speculation - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Jeff Bezos praises Netflix’s ‘squid game’ sparks internet speculation

The Internet is speculating later. Amazon.Of Jeff Bezos Congratulations Netflix On its “internationalization strategy” after the success of Streimer’s Korean drama Squid game.. The series – in which cashless contestants take part in deadly children’s games – tops Netflix’s rankings in more than 90 countries and is on track to become the most serialized program ever.

“[Netflix CEOs] eed Red Hastings and Ted Serendous and the Netflix team fix it often, “said Bezos. Tweeted on Saturday. “Their internationalization strategy is not easy, and they are working on it. Impressive and inspiring. (And I can’t wait to see the show.”

The tweet left many viewers wondering if Bezos ‘tweet had any profound meaning, leading Twitter users to compare it to the series’ villain, the super-rich squid game VIPs, leading to speculation that Amazon Hoping to get Netflix, and more.

“Okay. So the second richest man in the world is going to watch a squid game. Written. “I hope he doesn’t think, ‘Wow, this game is interesting, let’s make it real-life.’ ‘

the second. Tweeted: “Amazon can’t buy Netflix; pray with me.”

For his part, Bezos insisted that he was only a fan of Netflix’s international strategy. He tweeted to producer Franklin Leonard, who responded to Bezos’ original tweet. To write“Something is happening.”

“No, just a simple compliment,” Bezos said Replied.

While Squid game. Becoming the most successful international series in Netflix history, Streimer has been developing its global content for some time. They have already succeeded with shows like this. Elite And لوپن۔, Which became The first French language series number 1 in America

Where to look Squid game.