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Jarosław Gowin: The price tag will be the most important result of the Polish deal - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Jarosław Gowin: The price tag will be the most important result of the Polish deal

Gwen: The price tag will be the most important result of the Polish deal.

On Friday, Sejim passed amendments to the Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax Act and some other acts, which implement the previously announced tax solution under the United Right-Polish Order program. The novel will now be dealt with by the Senate.

At Monday’s press conference in Krakow, former Deputy Prime Minister Jarvisov Gwen approved of the amendment. Bring a 700 page draft. – MPs had 24 hours to read the latest version. All in all, Polish businessmen will have to deal with the content of this law from January 1. In his opinion, “you should not legislate like this, especially on a sensitive issue like taxes.”

As he estimated, the Polish deal would mean that each of us would have to pay a lot more, and small family businesses would be particularly vulnerable. “In a few years, we will all remember the family neighborhood stores with old memories, because they will be replaced by huge hypermarkets,” he said.
According to him, if traders have to pay 30% more tax from January 1, the only option for them will be to increase the prices of products and services. – As a result, record high inflation will accelerate. The most important consequence of the Polish deal will be the skyrocketing price – Guinea’s estimate.

Gowan announced that the agreement, along with opposition parties, would seek to amend the amendment introducing new tax solutions in the Senate. “This pile of papers should be thrown in the box and discarded,” he said.

Former Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology Anna Cornica estimated that the amendment was “a maze of rules and regulations that are impossible to find.” As he stressed, the agreement calls for a postponement of work on the Polish order and a calm consideration of taking advantage of economic opportunities in the aftermath of the epidemic. According to him, clear and transparent law is the guarantor of dynamic development.

– It must be said that we are working with shifting the maximum burden on businesses. Increasingly, new social groups are being relieved of the tax burden, but all at the expense of a narrow group, Cornica said.

Thomas Urinovich, councilor of the Maupolska Regional Council, estimated that the ruling would be a challenge for Polish local governments as well. – In this tax version, the Polish order poses a significant risk of revenue loss for local governments. This is especially a challenge for low-income municipalities. “I think there are a lot of puzzles on these 700 pages of the Act for law and justice MPs,” he said.

An increase of PLN 30,000 in the tax-free amount, along with all the solutions that Sijam adopted on Friday. PLN, an increase in the tax threshold on which the PIT rate applies to 17%, from 85,000. Up to 120,000 PLN. The rules for deducting Zloty Health Insurance contributions from taxes will also change – it is currently 9%. Revenue, but 7.75%. There is a deduction from this. The law passed on Friday removes this deduction.

To avoid a situation in which some taxpayers pay 17%. Taxes, it will lose this change, the so-called. Relief for the middle class, thanks to which the deduction of health insurance contribution will not increase the tax of people earning from 68.4 thousand to PLN 133.6 thousand. According to the amendment proposed by the Zloty PIS Parliamentary Club, the relief of the middle class will be available to full-time employees as well as businessmen who set up accounts on normal terms.