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Japan PM Fumio Kishida launches flagship panel to look into wealth redistribution - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Japan PM Fumio Kishida launches flagship panel to look into wealth redistribution

Tokyo: JapanThe new Prime Minister Fumio stretched. He launched a flagship council on Friday to work on strategies to address wealth disparities and redistribute wealth to households, in what he described as a “new form of capitalism”.
The move is an important part of Kashida’s economic policy, which combines the former prime minister’s pro-development policies. Shinzo AbeAbinomics’s stimulus measures and efforts to transfer more direct wealth from companies to homes.
This comes in the wake of Thursday’s decision to dissolve Kashida’s parliament and set the stage for elections, where the focus will be on fixing the epidemic-stricken economy.
“To achieve strong economic growth, it is not enough to rely on market competition alone. It will not bring the fruits of growth to the wider population,” Kashida told a news conference on Thursday. Is. Measures to distribute more wealth among households.
The panel will hold its first meeting later this month and aims to present interim proposals by the end of the year so that they can be seen in tax reform discussions next fiscal year. Dashiro Yamageva. Told reporters on Friday.
Led by Cashida, the panel is made up of cabinet ministers and 15 members of the private sector, including academics and representatives of the business lobby, trade unions and private companies.
It replaces the strategy of the Government Council for Growth, which helped to plan for the implementation of the policy priorities of Cashida’s predecessor. Yoshi Hyde Soga. Such as promoting digitalisation.