Jake Paul posts video reply to Tyson Fury’s ‘lock your wives’ post

Paul responded to Fury’s message for America to “lock up their wives” with comedy skit as the rivalry continues between Paul and Fury’s brother Tommy

Jake Paul and his girlfriend Julia rose posted a comedic response to Tyson Fury’s warning to keep Florida “women” close.

Paul will face Tommy, Tyson’s brother, in the Sunshine State on December 18 as the rivals seek to settle their feud.

The American rowed with the whole family, including world heavyweight champion Tyson.

Fury once joked in an interview, “You know when Big T [Fury] is in town, they are not safe.

“Lock up your women and hide your men when we’re in Florida. Jacques Paul keep your girlfriend on a leash. ”

The warning has now elicited a response from Paul on TikTok who shot a comedy sketch with her partner.

Jake Paul produced a comedy sketch on TikTok in response to Tyson Fury

This apparently shows him locking his girlfriend in a suitcase while constantly panicking that “Big T is coming to town.”

His companion Rose is then carried in front of the camera while Paul mutters: “He’s going to fuck everyone, you have to hide in this suitcase, you will be here a little while.”

Rose then asks: “Doesn’t he have a wife?” before giving the impression that she is locked in the case that Paul picks up and drops in a trash can before yelling: “Baby are you okay?”

Before Paul then throws the suitcase across the room with audible screams seeming to come from the bag.

Paul captioned the video “At least she’s safe now …”

Fury’s fight with Paul became a reality after the former was reported Anthony taylor on the undercard of Paul’s victory over Tyron Woodley in August.

Fury’s brother, Tyson, is is currently training him to face Paul and should be in his corner when the fight takes place across the pond later this year.

Do you think Tommy Fury will have the edge over Jake Paul with his brother Tyson training him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

And the “Gypsy King” has been at the forefront of promoting the event, including calling Paul a “w *****” at this week’s press conference,

And Paul called on Fury, 22, to donate his purse to his brother Tyson to complain about his lack of trash ahead of their reunion.

“I think Tyson should be paid Tommy’s scholarship because he promotes the fight more than Tommy,” Paul said at the press conference.

“It’s good to have someone on the other side of the promotion who actually has an following because I’ve been promoting all of these fights on my own. Tyson Fury step up and promote.

“I’m sick of wearing promotions on my own so thank you Tyson, I take my hat off to you. But I’m going to steal all of your fans. I’m going to knock your brother out and be on my merry way.

“Another payday. Another speed bump on the way to becoming a world champion and the world’s greatest boxer.”

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