Israeli army ‘procured’ correctional officers to terrorists – prison chief – RT World News

Allegations that Israeli prison guards were left vulnerable to sexual assault by suspected terrorists for the purpose of gaining leverage and coaxing confessions were rekindled by a prison commander.

Speaking to an Israeli government panel on Wednesday, Gilboa Prison Commander Freddy Ben Shitrit appeared to confirm reports from 2018 that women serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were at risk of being sexually assaulted. for the purpose of extracting confessions from Palestinian terror suspects.

The commander said the prison bosses had “Pimp soldiers” and “Handed over female soldiers to terrorists for sexual purposes”.

“The pimping incident was a massive incident”, he added.

The alleged “procuring” of female soldiers in order to obtain information from prisoners occurred before Ben Shitrit became head of the prison. The commander was speaking to a government committee about the failures that led to the escape of six Palestinian prisoners from Gilboa prison earlier this year.

Channel 20 shed light on the allegations in 2018. At least three female soldiers were reportedly victims of the abuse.

A soldier who came forward said she was ordered to accompany a Palestinian terrorist named Muhammad Atallah to the premises, giving him the opportunity to assault him, including groping his buttocks, while that the prison bosses closed their eyes.

Reacting to Ben Shitrit’s comments on Thursday, Public Security Minister Omer Bar Lev asked the attorney general to open an investigation into the allegations. According to Bar Lev, Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai opened an investigation into the case after Wednesday’s testimony.

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