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Internet raises 50,000 for 79-year-old veteran to replace mobility scooter in charming videos - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Internet raises 50,000 for 79-year-old veteran to replace mobility scooter in charming videos

Elderly man on a mobility scooter

A 79-year-old U.S. Navy veteran in Minnesota has donated money to replace his broken mobility scooter when a tick-tock video of his condition went viral.

Now, three days later, the total is $ 57,000 and her emotional reactions to the growing number are raising the views of millions of people, bringing a ray of positivity to the video platform.

Kenny’s tick-tock account, rotpatrotickenny, is run by friend Amanda, from whom he came out to meet on his scooter. The account often shares short videos of Kenny’s life, Tights of Wisdom and his friendship with best friend Jerry, for whom he is learning American Sign Language, but the video shared on September 15 did not sound the same. ۔ Instead, he shared the news that his reliable mobility scooter was “broken out of repair.”

The scooter is adorned with American flags and has even made room for it in a local newspaper, missing in the local area. According to the videos, the motor was burning and shutting down every time it got too hot, meaning Kenny would have to stop regularly and fix it temporarily, turning it off after just 10 minutes. As an 18-year-old model, there are no spare parts available to fix it.

As shown in the viral video, Kenny did not respond to a friend’s post the day before, was very sad about the scooter. “I was in tears. Although I hadn’t had this scooter for a long time, I walked around the coffee shop and Veterans Park and met some beautiful people on this scooter.” As two of them

Kenny suffocated in the clip, explaining the freedom the scooter had given him. “I’ll try and get a fancy one, and decorate it that way,” he vowed.

Friend Amanda set up a GoFundMe page for Kenny to raise $ 5,000 to replace the scooter, but TickTock did much more than that.

“In 24 hours, people on Tick Talk, strangers who never met you, but love you, donated ہزار 5,000 for a scooter for you,” Amanda said behind the Tick Talk video camera. Said In the video, which now has over 2 million views, Kenny’s jaw dropped before he could cry immediately.

“It’s great, it’s the best gift I’ve ever had, and then something,” he said before assuring her: “Besides my kids, you know.”

Kenny called his son, Mike, and told him about the good work of his tick-talkers: “There are so many wonderful people,” he said.

But donations did not stop there, and continued, with a total of $ 57,000 at the time of publication. Yesterday, they shared their reaction to discovering the updated yesterday. After estimating $ 10,000, he was informed that GoFundMe had reached $ 45,000 and he responded with shock, unable to utter a word. “It’s like winning the lottery,” he said.

He added, “Ever since I started going back to church, God has been watching over me and giving me all kinds of angels.” “That’s what this country needs, and that’s why I meet all these good people,” he said after posting some heartbreaking comments online in recent days.

With Kenny running the ball on GoFundMe, Amanda has shared who the extra money will be spent on, promising to be “transparent” with her online: “Two fancy scooters (one that is portable) Is, one that is heavy duty) to pay off his debt, cover some upcoming medical bills, help him get better accessible furniture, help move into a new home and the associated costs, grocery store and coffee Shop gift cards, and some great, fun stuff too! “

On TickTalk, viewers come to admire Kenny and wish him well, often comparing him to his parents and grandparents.

But what does Kenny want more than anything? To meet with the opera, he added that he sees it on the view every morning. Although with its increasing flow of tick-tock donations, there is no need to say, “You get a car, everyone gets a car.”

Newsweek contacted Kenny for comment.

Old man on a mobility scooter.
An elderly man crosses an intersection on his mobility scooter in central Berlin on May 18, 2011. An American veteran GoFundMe has gone viral to replace his mobility scooter.
OD Anderson / AFP / Getty Images