Internet billionaire sells Florida’s most expensive home; here are 10 things you need to know

Billionaire Jim Clark bought this massive foreground estate last year for a record $94.17 million in southern Manalapan near Palm Beach. The property recently changed hands for $173 million, making it the most expensive home sale in Florida.

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Estate south of Palm Beach sold for $173 million.setting the record for the most expensive residential property ever to change hands in Florida.

The company, controlled by billionaire computer programmer Larry Ellison of Oracle, has bought an ocean-to-lake estate at 2000 S. Ocean Blvd. in Manalapan from a trust linked to Netscape co-founder Jim Clark, according to a document filed on Wednesday.

In Manalapan, sales have surpassed the average of over $20 million as the coronavirus pandemic has pushed the South Florida real estate market into overdrive. As the supply of waterfront estates in Palm Beach dwindled, buyers increasingly looked south to Manalapan and its ocean-to-lake properties, driving up prices there.

Recent sales include $40 million for a wasteland; $89.93 million sale it was the second in Manalapan; and a mansion, which is worth $79.5 million under construction..

Clark the billionaire bought a property in 2000 S. Ocean Blvd. and part of nearby Bird Island in February 2021 for a combined price recorded of $94.37 million from the Ziff family, though sources familiar with the deal said over $100 million actually changed hands in the deal, reports Daily News.

Based on previous sales listings, here are 10 things to know about the most expensive residential property ever sold in the Sunshine State.

Amazing Views

The estate sits on top of a dune with a 360-degree view. The residence and guest houses feature open-air loggias, terraces, balconies and French doors that offer views of the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Worth Lagoon and surrounding areas, allowing for both indoor and outdoor lifestyles.

What is the name of the estate?

The estate’s name, Gemini, comes from the configuration of the main house on both sides of Southern Ocean Boulevard.

This home has beach and ocean access.

The 15.65-acre ocean-to-lake estate is divided by Southern Ocean Parkway and features 1,200 feet of beach along the Atlantic Ocean and 1,300 feet of frontage in Lake Worth Lagoon. A piece of the island directly to the west of the Coastal Channel estate brings the total area to 22.44 acres.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms does this property have?

Several buildings on the site offer nearly 85,000 square feet of living space inside and out, with 33 bedrooms, 34 bathrooms and 13 closets.

What does the main house look like?

The 12-bedroom master residence has 62,200 square feet of living space, including a basement of approximately 17,950 square feet. The interior features a lot of stone, rich woodwork, a grand staircase, and an expansive wall space displaying the Ziff family’s renowned art collection. The ceilings have coffered beams, exposed beams and many cypress details. The layout includes formal and informal living and dining areas, a media room, libraries, offices, a wine cellar and two elevators.

Is there a guest house?

Other accommodations are two four-bedroom beachfront cottages; guest house with seven bedrooms; and a guest or staff home consisting of four studios and suites.

What other details do we know about the estate?

The two parts of the main house – one overlooking the lake and the other overlooking the ocean – are connected by a series of tunnels under the street. The tunnel is 15 feet wide and serves as an art gallery.

The hotel has extensive botanical gardens with around 1,500 tropical species, as well as a bird sanctuary and a butterfly garden.

Is there a pool?

Leisure facilities include a PGA golf driving range, tennis court, semi-basketball court, fresh water pond, 18-hole mini golf course, boat dock and swimming pool.

Who designed the house?

The original house was designed by architect Marion Sims Wyeth and built in the 1940s for the Lambert Pharmaceutical family.

When was the house built and when was it redesigned?

A complete transformation of the property, commissioned by the Ziff family and completed in 2002, included a refurbishment of the residence designed by renowned Palm Beach architect Edson E. Daly.

This article originally appeared in the Palm Beach Daily News: 33 bedrooms and 9 more things to know about the most expensive residence ever sold in Florida.

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