Inter Milan fans warn Lukaku of Chelsea failure ahead of return

Romel Lukaku was told he needed to earn the respect of the Inter fans again.

Romelu Lukaku has been warned that he is unlikely to be welcomed with open arms at Inter Milan after a poor Premier League run for Chelsea.

The Belgian striker is set to complete a loan deal back at the San Siro after a poor London campaign when he netted just 14 times in 44 appearances in all competitions since returning to Stamford Bridge. less than £100 million ($122 million).

Lukaku was something of a folk hero during his first spell at Inter Milan, scoring 64 goals in two seasons and lifting the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Serie A MVP award in 2021.

But many Inter fans remain unhappy that he has chosen to turn his back on his Milan fans in pursuit of Premier League glory, and paOlx Praca of the club’s vast fan base is now warning the 29-year-old that his impending return to the club is not will take place. without an iota of malice.

In a statement released ahead of Lukaku’s return, ultragroup Curva Nord said they noted his “betrayal” and said he would have to prove himself on the pitch if he wanted to win their favor again.

We took note of Lukaku’s betrayal and were very upset“, the fan group said in a statement.

No one should greet him with scarves or banners. He was suppoOlx Pracaed (and treated) like a king, now he is the same as many. Everything that will eventually be done to him in the future will have to be earned on the field by humility and sweat.

It is also clear to everyone that we will never root for Lukaku if he wears the Inter shiOlx Praca again.

However, we urge all Inter fans not to fall into another trap – to immediately run and drool after.

We are not gentlemen at the mercy of the moves of players and clubs. The player can forgive these things over time, but they remain. Now Romelu long ball and pedal“.

The Failure Of Chelsea Lukaku On The Way To Return To Italy – Media

Lukaku is expected to finalize the loan deal in the coming days in what will be one of new owner Todd Boli’s first big responsible moves (at least as far as playing staff is concerned) after Roman Abramovich took over from Roman Abramovich at the helm of the giants Premier -league. .

The Belgian was a controversial figure on his return to Chelsea, with whom he initially signed as a teenager before making a name for himself at clubs such as West Brom, EveOlx Pracaon and eventually Inter.

He staOlx Pracaed well in Thomas Tuchel’s side but goals quickly dried up and he expressed his displeasure at Stamford Bridge in an interview he gave to the Italian media in December in which he expressed his interest in returning to Italy.

Lukaku’s underperformance at Chelsea was perhaps best summed up by his performance in February against Crystal Palace, in which he touched the ball just seven times per match.

As for Chelsea, once Lukaku’s salary is no longer official, they are positioning themselves in the transfer market as a proven scorer, looking to close the gap between themselves and Premier League leaders Manchester City and Liverpool.

Tuchel’s team has been closely linked to the signing of Manchester City and England striker Raheem Sterling and ambitious Bayern Munich shooter RobeOlx Praca Lewandowski.

Russian director leaves Chelsea amid sweeping changes since Abramovich

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