In Ukraine, they demolished a monument symbolizing the connection with Russia: “This is no longer friendship”

A Soviet-era monument celebrating Ukraine’s ties to Russia was destroyed on Tuesday by order of the mayor of Kyiv.

The huge bronze statue was 26 feet tall and depicted a Ukrainian and a Russian worker on a plinth holding soviet order friendship.

It was a symbolic gift from the Soviet Union. to commemorate the reunification of Ukraine with Russia, but this has become increasingly controversial over the years as tensions have risen between the countries.

The monument stood right under the titanium “Arch of Friendship of Peoples”, which still stands today. The rainbow-shaped structure stretches 164 feet and was built in 1982 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Union.

Explaining why he decided to remove the bronze statue, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said: “We now see what kind of “friendship” it is – the destruction of Ukrainian cities … tens of thousands of civilians were killed.

“I am convinced that such a monument now has a completely different meaning.”

“This place had a name – a place of friendship between Russia and Ukraine,” he added. It’s not friendship anymore.

A young man poses with his foot on his head at the Friendship of Peoples monument during its demolition on April 26, 2022 in Kyiv.

Alexey Furman via Getty Images

He also pointed out to the BBC that “Russia destroyed the normal life of millions of Ukrainians and destroyed the peace in Europe” with his two-month-long unprovoked attack on a neighboring people.

The head of the Russian worker was taken off first and fell to the ground to the applause of the crowd.

The entire statue was then lifted with a crane and lowered to the ground, while 100 people shouted slogans such as “Glory to Ukraine,” the Reuters news agency reported.

One of the statue’s designers, Sergei Mirgorodsky, said: “Russia has invaded Ukraine… Can we be friends with Russia? What do you think?

“This is our worst enemy, so the monument to Russian-Ukrainian friendship no longer makes sense.”

One member of the public named Diana told Reuters: “We should not have any relationship with the aggressor nation … no friendship, no relationship, nothing.”

More than 5 million people have fled Ukraine since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine in February.

The metal arch above the statue was changed in 2014 when Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. Activists drew a crack on it to symbolize how Russian aggression destroyed their relationship.

Since then, Kyiv has decided to rename the rainbow-shaped arch and paint it in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

The Crack On The Arch Is Clearly Visible And Shows How Relations Between Ukraine And Russia Began To Crumble.
The crack on the arch is clearly visible and shows how relations between Ukraine and Russia began to crumble.

Future publications via Getty Images

Kyiv City Council also told the Ukrainian newspaper he was going to change the names of streets associated with Russia and its close ally Belarus.

The capital itself is now commonly known as Kyiv, not Kyiv, because the latter was based on a historical Russian derivative, although Ukraine first introduced this change after becoming independent in 1991.


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