I’m a celebrity baffled by editing error as Richard Madeley completes his first try

I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! viewers took to Twitter as This Morning presenter Richard Madeley returned after taking part in his first solo tryout

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I’m A Celeb: Richard Madeley returns to camp after trial

Fans of I’m A Celeb were taken aback after Richard Madeley returned to camp completely clean despite having moved through fish guts during his trial.

The 65-year-old TV presenter was selected by the audience to take on Kitchen Nightmares in the Wednesday night episode (November 24) and has been tasked with finding 10 stars in a bid to earn food for the camp , has explained Echo of Liverpool.

Host Ant McPartlin explained, “You have 10 minutes to find 10 stars hidden in the trial. They could be hidden anywhere, in walls, in pots, even in the landfill.

“When you find a star, place it in your star bag. Only the stars that are in the bag at the end of the trial will count.

Richard struggled to get the stars


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Dec added: “Now that this is a trial it will be full of castle creatures. If you want to stop the trial, yell ‘ I am a celebrity Get me out of here ‘and we’ll get you out. ”

As the horn howled, Richard descended headlong into a fall, landing in a filthy sewer full of rotten fruits and vegetables, and began frantically searching for stars.

“There are about seven tons of fruit, I’ll never find the star here!” he said.

Guts and fish giblets were dropped on Richard’s head as he struggled to untie the bags containing the stars, and exasperatedly said, “Saint Moly, oh the team is going to be so disappointed.”

Despite getting four out of 10 stars, Richard was disappointed as he admitted, “I was really hoping to do better than that.”

However, eagle-eyed viewers were taken aback when Richard returned to the castle camp completely clean.

Richard returned to camp completely clean


ITV / REX / Shutterstock)

Take from Twitter, one person said, “How come Richard was clean when he came back?” ”

Another asked: “How does Richard Clean get back to camp ??

A third commented, “Dry pants and clean hair! Do @antanddec have a shower after the trial?”

“Okay, but how come Richard wasn’t covered in all that filth and disgust back at camp? @Imacelebrity he was completely clean and dry? How long did this gap last? ?? Hmmm, “someone else said.

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