I think Otniel Baartman definitely has a better chance of going to the World Cup: Dale Steyn

Former South African fast bowler Dale Steyn, who currently serves as the bowling coach for Sunrisers Eastern Cape and Sunrisers Hyderabad, has expressed confidence in the team's abilities ahead of Betway. SA20 Last. Steyn stressed the importance of red-ball cricket in shaping bowlers' skills for the shorter formats, and highlighted the stellar performances of Australian bowler Daniel Worrall, who has adapted his Test and first-class skills to the T20 format for Sunrisers Eastern Cape. Has changed to.

Former South African fast bowler Dale Steyn has said how important it is for bowlers to focus on the red ball aspect of the game to improve their performance in the shorter formats. “As the bowling coach of Sunrisers Eastern Cape, my main focus right now is on the SA20. We have some amazing bowlers there and some of them may not be able to play Test matches, who knows, maybe. Daniel Worrall is a brilliant bowler from Australia.

He is a red-ball bowler who has played for Surrey. And I will tell you one thing, he has been able to maximize those Test and first-class skills that he has got to use in the shorter format, and he has proven to be one of our best bowlers. So coming back to the point that I think good Test match bowlers make good T20 bowlers.

He will have good skills on when to change the pace, when to use the slower ball and when to use the bouncer. But the fundamentals of bowling really remain the same in terms of how hard you can hit the ball at a good length and around the off stump or off stump. It's an incredible skill and if you can do it in four-day cricket or Test match cricket, it can make you a really good short format bowler.

So I'm hoping that a lot of bowlers will come to this and realize that the more first-ball and red-ball cricket they play, the better shorter format bowlers they will become. So I am confident that bowlers will continue to pursue their careers in red-ball cricket and if they perform really well there, it will translate into the shorter formats.

Steyn also acknowledged the tough challenge posed by Durban Super Giants batsman Heinrich Klaasen, and praised the batsman's skill while expressing excitement at the prospect of facing him in the final. Recognizing the value of testing oneself against top-tier talent, Steyn underlined the importance of the win against the Durban Super Giants.

Steyn spoke about Sunrisers Eastern Cape's preparations to face Heinrich Klaasen in the Betway SA20 final, he said “He is amazing, he is really an amazing batsman. I think we are all very excited to play against a player like him, in the form he is in. You want to test yourself against the best, that's not what this game is all about. It would be really silly if we have to go out there and play against people who are not of the standard level. That would be absolutely boring.

So it would mean a lot if Heinrich Klaasen is able to score 100 against us and we are still able to win. It will be great, it will be great to watch from the sidelines too, because he is a brilliant batsman and I'm a big fan of cricket, so I like to see how people play their roles. It's great that we have got him at Sunrisers Hyderabad because he is going to set the world on fire in the IPL this year, I can guarantee you that. But I am hoping that just for one game, he doesn't score too many runs. It will be good for us.”

Praising Sunrisers Eastern Cape's bowling unit, Steyn particularly praised the influence of Simon Harmer, whose strategic bowling has been instrumental in the team's success this season. With a nuanced understanding of the match-ups and pitch conditions, the bowling unit has worked in unison, with various members stepping up to deliver match-winning performances.

Steyn praised the performances of the bowlers in the team, particularly highlighting the impact of Simon Harmer for the team in the SA20 this season, he said “Yes, it is very big. Between him and Aiden, Aiden hasn't bowled a lot this season, last year he was our standout player, I think he got player of the tournament, he got wickets, he scored runs, we had Roelof van There was Der Merwe who wasn't able to come in this year, but Liam Dawson has kind of taken over that role.

Simon (Harmer) has played his part, the South African pitches here don't spin like they do in India, so you have to be smart about where you throw your spinners and your matchups are big. So you always try to make sure that the competition is between Dawson and people who we feel cannot handle spin well like left-handed batsmen. Often we have found that Dawson has dismissed left-handed batsmen and Harmer has dismissed right-handed batsmen, so it is quite the opposite. I think our bowling unit coordinates very well, they all know when to do what and they take each other's places.

So overall our bowling unit is playing really well and if it is their game they grab it with both hands. We've seen Bartman win matches, Simon win man of the match, Marco Jansson win man of the match, and even Dawson hasn't won man of the match, he puts in a big performance every time. So our bowling unit has shined very well and they have worked well together and we haven't really relied on one guy so everyone just does their job. So hopefully tomorrow one of them will shine and everyone else will do their job again.

Looking at potential selections for the upcoming T20 World Cup, Steyn singled out Otniel Bartman and Jordan Harman as standout performers worth noting. Bartman's consistent performances and impeccable seam establish him as a strong contender, while Harman's destructive batting style and exceptional fielding skills make him a promising prospect for future selection.

That said, Steyn also talked about the inclusion of players who have excelled for Sunrisers Eastern Cape – Otniel Bartman and Jordan Harman – ahead of the Men's T20 World Cup later this year. “I'll be honest with you, I think Otniel Bartman definitely has a better chance to go to the World Cup. I think they have consistently played their hand over the last two years with the SA20. He was amazing last year, he's been amazing this year too, and he's really knocked on the door to get to the World Cup. He reminds me a lot of Mohammed Shami, where his seam comes down, he has great wrist and his lines are very straight, so very rarely does he bowl a short wide-cut ball, or a ball that goes down the leg. She goes.

Somewhat similar to Enrique Nortje, his lines are gun barrel straight and his seams are really good. I think he is a player who comes with little problems, he is easy to train and it is easy for him to find his niche in a particular area which is important when you are playing at the highest level. And Jordan Harman, I think he is still young, he is a great batsman, the way he bats, he reminds me of David Warner to a certain extent.

He is quite small, he is aggressive, he beats the bowlers, he has a great attitude and he is an amazing fielder, and with South Africa's batting currently, if you look at our batting – Quinton de Kock, Ryan Rickelton, Aiden Markram, Heinrich Klaasen, David Miller, Tristan Stubbs, Jordan Harman are going to be a tough thing to get into right now. But give him another year and a half, and if the opportunity comes I can guarantee you he will be one of the first names the selectors will hopefully look at. But I think South Africa should consider these people before the T20 World Cup.

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