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How to solve the forgotten forest shrine puzzle. - - Job Offer Ads
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How to solve the forgotten forest shrine puzzle.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Screenshot

As part of the Taro Questline. Kina: The Bridge of Souls. You will need to rearrange the three shrines in the forgotten forest area. Although the puzzles associated with these altars are largely straightforward, one of them can stump players if they lose an important clue.

To help you solve it, Newsweek Has developed the following guide.

‘Kina: Bridge of Spirits’ is the site of a forgotten jungle shrine puzzle.

The shrine in question is located on a small island northeast of the Holy Tree. It should be close to two hours. In the main story. If you haven’t already found it, its location is marked on the map below.

Kina: Bridge of Spirits forgot the map of the forest.
The court in question can be found on the map here.
Amber Lab.

As you stand in the middle of this shrine you will see that you are surrounded by four rocks at the north, east, south and west compass points (you may need to check the map to see which one is, as you Will probably not face the north). One is slightly higher to the east.

Each of these slabs has a blue crystal attached to it. By now, you should have learned that you can shoot these sapphire minerals with your spiritual bow to give them strength.

Your first inclination is to naturally activate the four crystals that surround the island, but if you do it in the wrong order, it will start a wave of enemies and you will have to start the whole process again.

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What is the ruling on lighting crystals?

To successfully complete the archery puzzle, you will need to activate the crystals in the correct order, but the game does not clearly state how to do this.

If you look at the base of the shrine, you will see that there are four sets of candles. It has its own one, one pair, three and a group of four.

Kina: Bridge of Spirits Candle Puzzle.
You will see that there are four sets of candles at the base of the shrine. Each with a different number
Amber Lab.

When you shoot a crystal with your spiritual bow, it will light one of these candles. All you need to do is shoot each crystal to find out which candle set it is attached to.

Once you match the crystals to their candle set, you will need to shoot them so that the candles are lit in ascending order. In other words, you need to light a candle first, then a pair, then three, and finally, a set of four.

In our playthrough, the crystal we had to shoot first was high to the east. After that, we shot one directly to the west of it, then one to the south and then, finally, one to the north. The slideshow below will show you in order.

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Once the candle sets are lit, use Kina’s Shield Plus (L1 on PlayStation) to activate the shrine.

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Canna: Bridge of Spirits is now available on PS5, PS4 and PC.