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If this were a normal July, I probably wouldn’t be writing about shorts. I’m just not a fan of shorts – unless you’re on holiday and they’re denim cut-offs – but still.

Once you’re over 50, shorts take first prize for the fashion item that can easily make you look like a lady golfer, a scout mistress, or just older and older than you really are. Still, even I have to admit that with a tarmac-melting summer ahead of us, we need choices.

My aversion to shorts dates back to the mid-1980s. I worked in a sweltering summer at the Fifth Avenue ‘Couturier’ opposite the house and, every day, I was obliged to wear one of two shorts suits – one navy with a white collar and the other a light blue with pearl buttons. was

At that moment, I felt like Little Lord Fauntleroy. But on reflection I was always cold, even on the subway, and now that I think about it, the shorts themselves weren’t the problem.

Shane Watson Says That High-Waisted Shorts Look Better With Wide Or Flared Legs.  Photo: Vogue Williams

Shane Watson says that high-waisted shorts look better with wide or flared legs. Photo: Vogue Williams

They weren’t body skimming, A-line, cargo-y. They didn’t have turn-ups or patch pockets (the downfall of many pairs of shorts); And they ended at the knee (knee-revealing tailored shorts are not flattering on me).

Worn with a billowing cotton shirt with a half-tuck (instead of a short bomber jacket), and chunky strappy sandals (instead of nude ballet pumps), they’ll look sharp and fresh and smart, which is what we’re all about. Not easy to get in Saharan temperatures.

Of course, there’s something more appropriate about a well-cut pair of shorts than a skirt for summer in the city.

In hot weather, loose shorts allow air to circulate around your legs and protect you from the rising heat of the pavement and the sticky grip of traffic.

Of course the ratio of this workwear/everyday short is extremely important.

High-waisted cuts with wide or slightly flared legs are more flattering, not to mention better in the heat. And, as for length, short shorts only look good on women with slender long legs and rarely on anyone old enough to dance to My Coo Ca Choo in hot pants.

If you like to show off your legs, I suggest you head straight to Mango and get yourself a pair of their suit-style cream shorts (£17.99, I also love the midnight navy shorts from the M&S collection with gold buttons on the side pockets (£29.50,

But I am a realist. A few inches above the knee or knee coverage is about right for most of us.

For shorts that aren’t unlike my New York smarties, try Joseph. They’ve got a sky blue pair on sale (£110, that’s knee-sweeping, A-line cut and just makes you feel cool. Benetton does something in every color, including black, with similar wide legs and linen with an elasticated waist and permanent cuffs (not like turn-ups).

A Well-Cut Pair Of Shorts Can Be Perfect For The City In Summer, She Says.  Image: A Model Wears Long Shorts At The Tom Ford Ready-To-Wear Fashion Show.

A Well-Cut Pair Of Shorts Can Be Perfect For The City In Summer, She Says.  Image: A Model Wears Long Shorts At The Tom Ford Ready-To-Wear Fashion Show.

A well-cut pair of shorts can be perfect for the city in summer, she says. Image: A model wears long shorts at the Tom Ford ready-to-wear fashion show.

Boden also does a nice navy linen short, with a two-inch-wide two-button waistband above the knee (£60,

Linen is on the higher end of the scale and man-made fabrics are perfectly manageable in hot weather as long as they don’t cling.

If you fancy something a bit tighter, Marks & Spencer has a pair that falls just above the knee, with pleats down the front, in bright fuchsia (£29.50) with a matching jacket to keep the temperature down. Can be useful when low.

This year brands insist on calling these styles Bermuda shorts. I find Bermudas to be straight as an arrow and almost fitted on the leg, while they are looser and more forgiving, but there are a lot of wide, straight shorts around them either way.

La Redoute do a lovely, tall, black pair (£15.40, Side pockets and a mid-rise to high waist, of which there are two, give the shorts a slouchy, boyish, breezy look that we’re aiming for.

H&M has a knee-skimming pair in white (£17.99,, though be careful with white shorts – they look best on the beach or on the tennis court and never paired with white. Or you’ll look like a yacht crew. .

By the way, Loro Piana does some eye-wateringly expensive linen shorts (£740.13, that look desirable, largely because of the striped grosgrain ribbon belt, which is hard to copy. It would be easy — just Google vvrouleaux .com Stay cool.

Shorts: The New Rules

Go for a high waist.

The knee grazer seems the smartest.

Choose a wide leg.

Wear a blousy shirt.