It’s time for a throwback Patriots game plan.

No ground and pound. Not necessarily under center. Even plays from the playbooks of Charlie Weis, Bill O’Brien or Josh McDaniels aren’t running tight.

Instead, focus on the middle of the field, and win games.

It’s where Tom Brady dominated for 20 years in New England, and the Pats should find a groove again Monday night against Chicago.

The Bears own one of the worst run defenses in the league, just like the Packers, Lions and Browns did against the Patriots the past few weeks. But that doesn’t guarantee Rhamondre Stevenson will run wild, considering the last time Cleveland held Stevenson to less than 80 yards. The Patriots need to run smart against Chicago, and hit them on the middle of the play action, which the coaches have added more of the past two weeks.

The Pats also have a matchup to exploit through Jacoby Meyers, who has consistently been their most open and productive wide receiver. Meyers owns the slot.

Here’s how the Patriots can win through it, the line of scrimmage and the regular on Monday Night Football: