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How Bay Area businesses are trying to persuade workers to return. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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How Bay Area businesses are trying to persuade workers to return.

How Bay Area businesses are trying to persuade workers to return.

Fast Water Heater in San Jose is offering a $ 1,000 referral bonus to anyone who can help them find new workers. Bloom Energy is signing up to فو 1,200 for mental health counseling benefits and new clients. And in Danville, restaurant owner Darren Matt has increased his hourly wage to attract workers.

Across the Bay Area, large and small companies are struggling to replenish their ranks when last year’s business leaders fired workers to help with unemployment or find new jobs in other industries. But as large companies offer increasingly generous rewards, smaller companies with budgets are struggling to compete in a labor-intensive market.

Angela Simpson, Recruitment Manager for Fast Water Heaters, which installs and repairs water heaters, said the company has offered bonuses to new employees, a finder’s fee and any other type of referral to any worker. Has reduced its minimum qualifications for those who work. They tried to have about three workers a month. The business was run with more people at home, but even with the additional benefits for workers, recruitment has been a struggle.

“It broke my heart, but it went on for a whole month without anyone,” Simpson said.

Months after the epidemic reopened, half of small businesses across the country said they had job opportunities they could not fill. August Survey National Federation of Independent Businesses

Concessions have been paid to Bloom Energy, a 20-year-old public company with more than 1,000 employees in a growing industry. The company had plans to expand in 2020, so to fill the vacancy amid increasingly competitive search for workers, Bloom lowered its minimum wage, buying billboard ads in English, Vietnamese and Spanish, the parent’s new Added holidays and therapy sessions to his health. Maintenance package, and first time تک 1200 signature bonus offered.

“The number of applicants for these roles has grown rapidly. Bloom Energy intends to reap many additional benefits beyond epidemics,” said Sonja Wilkerson, Bloom Energy’s Chief People Officer.

But in the hard-hit restaurant industry, Darren Matt says new benefits and big signing bonuses are out of the question. According to the NFIB survey, only one-sixth of small businesses offer national signatures or referral bonuses or broader healthcare benefits. About 63% of small companies raised wages during epidemics.

Matt’s San Francisco restaurant, Pardem, closed in March and he is now touring to open his two Dan Will restaurants, Cocaine Hermes and Dan Will Harvest. During the epidemic, Matt said he rescued most of his staff and moved to takeout. He was already cashing in on customer losses and when the city allowed outdoor dining, he couldn’t do so until the roads were closed to provide more space for restaurants, with additional costs. came. He said the monthly cost of propane bills for running outdoor heaters is 3,000.

Matt says the additional benefits of epidemics have made it harder for him to get services. “We are fighting against the government,” he said. “People are used to earning 4 4,000 a month on unemployment.”

Denoli, California – October 1: Darren Matt, owner of a booth inside a harvesting plant in Darren, California, poses for a photo on Friday, October 1, 2021.

But even though the بی 600 a week in federal unemployment benefits means more income for most recipients. the study According to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, only a small portion of recipients avoid returning to work because of these now-defunct benefits.