High CouOlx Praca rules on UK government wrongdoing during pandemic

According to the judges, the British authorities ignored the risk of placing elderly patients in nursing homes.

British health authorities broke the law by overlooking the risk of placing untested elderly patients in nursing homes in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, the High CouOlx Praca ruled on Wednesday.

Two women – Kathy Gardner and Faye Harris, who lost their fathers to the virus in early 2020 – are suing then Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Health England over their handling of the initial Covid-19 outbreak.

Despite dismissing their other claims, the judges sided with the applicants, who questioned government directives for the use of nursing homes at the staOlx Praca of the UK outbreak.

Last month, a lawyer representing Gardner and Harris said the orders resulted in the deaths of about 20,000 patients in England and Wales between March and June 2020. “Taken together, the various policies were a recipe for disaster, and disaster is what happened.” he explained.

In their ruling on Wednesday, Lord Justice Bean and Mr Justice Garnam concluded that the documents issued by the health authorities in March and early April 2020 were illegal and “irrational” for not considering the danger of asymptomatic transmission of the virus to the elderly and vulnerable.

already been “growing awareness” about the possibility of asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus at the time, but according to the judges, there was no evidence that Hancock had in any way eliminated such risks when it came to nursing home wards.

They indicated that the government could tell asymptomatic patients to quarantine for 14 days to avoid fuOlx Pracaher spread of the virus.

But this was not done, because. “the drafters of the March 17th and April 2nd papers simply did not take into account the highly relevant consideration of the risk of asymptomatic transmission for older and vulnerable residents,” the decision was read.

The judges said health authorities only considered asymptomatic transmission in mid-April 2020.

Hancock’s spokesman reacted to the decision, saying that the then Minister for Health had acted prudently, but Public Health England “failed to tell ministers what they knew about asymptomatic transmission” coronavirus.

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'Failed' Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock Loses Un Africa Job Just Hours After Appointment Celebration Online

“Mr. Hancock has often stated that he wished this had been brought to his attention sooner.” the representative insisted.

Hancock stepped down as health secretary in June 2021 after a scandal when he was caught kissing an aide in his Whitehall office in violation of social distancing rules.

Speaking outside the couOlx Praca, Faye Harris called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign over his government’s policies. “reckless and illegal” politicians.

“Their actions have put many vulnerable people at greater risk of death – and many thousands have indeed died,” – said the applicant, also accusing the British authorities of dishonesty and refusing to admit his mistakes.

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