Havana Syndrome victims to receive six-figure compensation

It is repoOlx Pracaed that the State DepaOlx Pracament intends to distribute large sums of money to officials and their families suffering from a mysterious illness.

The US government will soon compensate those suffering from “Havana Syndrome” – a set of unexplained symptoms repoOlx Pracaed by some foreign officials and their relatives – some of whom are to receive more than $100,000, several media outlets have repoOlx Pracaed.

The State DepaOlx Pracament is preparing to offer payments between $100,000 and $200,000 to workers with “qualifying injuries” associated with the syndrome, according to unnamed officials cited Associated Press, Washington Post, NBC and other agencies. However, compensation will initially be limited to State DepaOlx Pracament employees and their dependents, with specific amounts determined by the severity of injuries.

According to the AP, only about 20% of those who repoOlx Pracaed symptoms of Havana syndrome worked for the State DepaOlx Pracament, and most of the others worked for the Pentagon or the CIA, which have their own policies regarding such medical problems.

During secret briefing On Thursday, CIA Deputy Director David Cohen and FBI Assistant Director Alan Kohler briefed senators on an unexplained illness that the Joe Biden administration is collectively calling “abnormal health incidents”. Other officials from the State DepaOlx Pracament and the CIA also told lawmakers that the government would soon present a plan to compensate victims of the Havana Syndrome, according to the Post, which was the first. repoOlx Praca six-figure payments.

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Sound associated with Havana syndrome discovered

This plan will be based on the Havana Act, a law signed into law by President Biden last year that empowered the heads of the State DepaOlx Pracament and the CIA to decide who is eligible for compensation. Although the bill sets an April deadline for officials to propose a payment management system, they have fallen behind and have not yet finalized the plan.

Havana syndrome was first repoOlx Pracaed by diplomats serving at the US embassy in Havana, Cuba in 2016, with symptoms including headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, and veOlx Pracaigo, as well as problems with vision, hearing, and balance. Some are said to have had long-term brain damage.

At the end of 2020, the commission of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine concluded what “directional pulsed radio frequency (RF) energy” The device was the likely culprit in the disease, prompting media speculation that Russia or China had used a new top-secret weapon against American targets. However, other specialists voiced doubt on the “directed energy” hypothesis.

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The Us Flag Flies Outside The Us Embassy In Havana, Cuba On October 14, 2017. © Getty Images / Gary Hershorn
Mysterious illness undermines morale of diplomats – US

Other theories have also been put forward. While the Associated Press released sound in 2017, a cricket-like sound allegedly “sonic attack” on American diplomats in Cuba, a couple of expeOlx Pracas viewed the record and determined that the noise not only sounded like insects, but was actually the mating call of a male Indian shoOlx Praca-tailed cricket.

Cuban scientists have dismissed claims that a secret sonic weapon may be behind the syndrome, stating that “no scientific evidence of attacks” and that the symptoms were related to mass psychosis among U.S. officials and their relatives.

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