Has Liz Cheney run out?

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A new one Casper Star-Tribune Polls show Rep. Liz Cheney, the Republican leader on the Jan. 6 committee, trailing her opponent Harriet Hageman in the House GOP primary for Wyoming’s US House seat. Hageman had the support of 52 percent of participants, compared to Cheney’s 30 percent. Polls, held for The Star Tribune By Mason Dixon Polling & Strategy, the first independent, in-state poll on the race. It was taken from July 7 to July 11, after early voting began. According to Brad Coker, managing director of Mason Dixon, there is no way for sugar advocates to sugar coat the results. “The big story is that Liz Cheney will be defeated,” Coker said. “It’s a foregone conclusion.”

Cheney fell out of favor with Wyoming’s Republican establishment, which condemned him after he voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump on Jan. 6, 2021, after a mob of his supporters stormed the capitol. Cheney continued to press as the leader of the House Select Committee investigating the attack, and emphasized Trump’s role in encouraging rioters to pressure Congress to pay President Biden a 2020 election loss. Do not confirm. Trump has endorsed Hegeman., a natural resources advocate, and called Cheney “despicable.” Cheney has outperformed his primary opponents with ads for his unwavering conservative record — he voted with Trump 92.9 percent of the time. Has Cheney’s constant criticism of Trump, and his dismissal of his baseless claims of election fraud, ruined his career in Congress?

Sugar is really ‘toast’

Sugar looks really “toasty”. My name is Byron York Washington Examiner. That’s not surprising, given his insistence that Trump is unfit for office. “Cheney’s Ahab-like decision to take on Trump is unpopular in a state where many voters have a favorable view of the former president.” But Cheney’s problems began before Trump entered the picture. Cheney, the daughter of former vice president and Wyoming congressman Dick Cheney, was born in Wisconsin and raised in Washington, D.C. Her critics accused her of returning to her family’s home state “just to win political office.” Apply. Trump’s falling out of sync with Wyoming Republicans only fueled criticism of him as an “opportunistic outsider” and “reminded some Wyomingites of everything they don’t like about him.”

Sugar’s problem is not that she is an outsider.

The MAGA crowd isn’t mad at Liz Cheney because they think she’s a carpetbagger. Jonah Goldberg says. Dispatch. She is “a villain because she’s telling the truth.” Die-hard Trump supporters “fervently believe the election was stolen” — even though there’s no evidence — because they’ve chosen to believe the lie. The argument for how the presidency was stolen from Trump “evolves as each specific claim is debunked … The Italians did it! No wait, it was Hugo Chavez! Well, Chavez didn’t — it It was the Chinese! Well, I was wrong about the Chinese, it was the Dominion! No, it was Mark Zuckerberg. The Deep State! Soros! Fauci! Colonel Sanders…” when that’s the argument you’d be up against. Are you on the losing side of the truth?

Unexpected allies could give China a shot.

The brutal poll is “a tribute to Cheney’s courage in standing up to Donald Trump in a state where the suffragette won 70 percent of the vote in 2020”. EJ Dionne Jr. says in The Washington Post. Cheney’s last hope is for “every Democrat” and independent in Wyoming to vote for him in the Aug. 16 Republican primary, “which they can do under state law.” Cheney always knew that “her eloquent leadership role” at the January 6 committee hearings “would hurt her back home with the party faithful.” That’s why Democrats and independents “who understand the threat of Trumpism should come to Wyoming’s Republican primary.” Even if that’s not enough to keep Cheney, he’ll send a message to November: Threats to democracy are the most important issue on the ballot. Stand with democracy’s defenders, even if you disagree with them. Do not agree on other matters, but this should be adopted. Priority.”

Losing this primary will not end Cheney’s political career.

Trump is not even mentioned in China’s election ads. Says John Nichols. nation. They talk about his “vehement opposition to gun control, abortion rights, and ‘Green New Deal regulations.’ [that] threaten to shut down our producers and stop economic growth in our communities.” But Trump is certainly campaigning against it through Hagman, who is “just a pro-Trump and anti-Chinese campaign. ” If Hegman and others in the field split. Pro-Trump votes, Cheney has a shot. But even if she loses, and Trump wins, “Cheney still has ambitions within the Republican Party that she imagines — like many pundits — will ultimately outlast Trump and Trumpism. will.” At the 6th committee’s first hearing in January, Cheney rebuked GOP colleagues who backed away from accusing Trump of fueling the Jan. 6 riots with his campaign lies, saying: “There will come a day When Donald Trump is gone, your disrespect will remain.” When that day comes, conservatives may look at China differently.

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