Harriet Cole: The gym was my happy place until these young people joined in.

DEAR HARRIET: I’ve been going to the local gym for many years and have always loved it; the gym is my happy place. I try to go every day after work, and usually spend most of my free time there.

Harriett Cole

Unfortunately, some of the new members (young adult males) make me a little uncomfortable.

They often engage in unwanted conversations, gobble up all the equipment, and stare too hard at the women who go to the gym (myself included).

My friends tell me that it makes no sense to cancel my membership because other gyms have the same problems.

I don’t want to leave the gym I’m so used to. What should I do?

Gym addict

DEAR FITNESSMAN: Since you’ve been a member of the gym for a long time, talk to management. Point out your loyalty and longevity in this gym, as well as your current discomfort with the behavior of these new members.