Greige is the new hot color for your home – here’s how to follow the trend.

Not beige, not gray – it’s ‘grey’. And you must have noticed that this year the colors of the walls, floors and furnishings are beautiful.

The combination of warmth and elegance offered by the accent can create a cozy yet vibrant space and is now neutral.

The key is to use it as an anchoring palette – a springboard for other, confident colors within your scheme.

Boldly Neutral: A Bathroom Painted In Greige Tones From Little Green.  Greige Can Ground A Spot And Counter Potential Gerish.

Boldly neutral: A bathroom painted in greige tones from Little Green. Greige can ground a spot and counter potential Gerish.

‘Grege is often used as a safe color, layered with other neutrals, but I like to use it to provide balance,’ says interior designer Rachel Nidre.

‘Try it as a backdrop.

Combined with contrasting materials, greige can ground a space and combat potential clutter.

‘It works beautifully with deep pinks as well as royal blues, teals, lime green and navy,’ says Rachel.

‘One of my favorite blushes is No. 9 Thomson’s Ninfea Mania Blush or Royal. Featuring loosely woven pantry lilies, it can be used for curtains, sofas and chairs. The blush pattern has a greenish gray and pearlescent background that tones perfectly with the greige.’

Add glamour.

The shade is also versatile, offering many decorative directions. ‘Monochrome accents add eye-catching detail, while metallic accessories will introduce understated glamor and bring warmth to the overall look,’ says Amanda Huber, founder of The Dining Chair Company.

‘If you’re more daring, why not complement the neutral background with beautiful printed linen upholstery on sofas or dining chairs? You can pick accent colors from the print and introduce them elsewhere to add energy to the scheme.’

Getting the right shade of greige requires a careful eye.

‘Like any neutral or white, whether it’s warm or cool depends on the underlying tone of hot pink or cool blue,’ says Crown senior designer Justyna Korzynska. ‘Elsewhere in your scheme, reds can blend with warm beiges, while cooler blues, deep grays and greens work with cool greys.’

Also, lighting in the UK can seem flat, which affects our perception of colour.

‘Natural light can be limited in homes, which makes us want something warmer than straight grey,’ says Benjamin Moore’s Helen Shaw. ‘Our Revere-Pewter (HC-172) is a classic warm gray that harmonizes with more natural grays such as steel, concrete, glass, pebbles, driftwood – even cloudy skies.’

There are many ways to modernize this classic tone. Umar Bhatti of Space Shack says, ‘One of my top tips is to pair the garage with raw plaster walls. ‘This creates a beautiful combination of soft color and contrasting texture, which adds character.’

Mix it up

‘Don’t be afraid to mix and match,’ says Collection Noir’s Samantha Wilson. ‘Wood looks beautiful when paired with lime-washed walls, occasional metal details, soft fabrics and textured ceramics.’

All these elements are a gently modern way to make classic garage work. Keep in mind that some of the most beautifully balanced and welcoming interiors are based on a subtle palette of beige and gray.

Texture:'S Ginger Armchairs In Champagne Luxe Bottle, £1,045

Texture:'S Ginger Armchairs In Champagne Luxe Bottle, £1,045

Texture:’s Ginger Armchairs in champagne luxe bottle, £1,045

King Living’s design studio advises that ‘the key is to layer and remember that ‘neutral’ extends far beyond creams and sandy colours. ‘It also incorporates olives, earth tones, red-based colors and dark browns – all combined with a beige gray base to create a timeless scheme.’

Avoid flat finishes, opt for unexpected textures instead. Try’s Ginger armchairs in Champagne luxe boucle (pictured) for £1,045.

Pokies Empire Collection lampshades in flashman printed cotton, £56, add elegance.

Bring garage walls to life with Carpetright’s Mardi Gras 576 Estrella Vinyl. Encaustic tile-style flooring works beautifully in otherwise neutral utility rooms.

A graphic rug such as H&M Home’s Patterned Pile rug, £149.99, also adds to a garage sitting room.

Calm voice

The desire for warm, Zen-like spaces is growing, making the garage both a lifestyle and design choice.

Omar Bhatti has painted his apartment in Little Green’s Mushroom. ‘I used it on the walls, doors, architraves and skirting and combined it with the dark blue kitchen cabinetry,’ he says. ‘It’s very quiet.’

Combined with natural fibers, woods and earthy tones, it creates a sense of balance and exceptional luxury.

Samantha Wilson says ‘Look is easily achieved. ‘Whether you accessorize with woven planters or linen cushions, throws, tablecloths, or jute and flatweave rugs.’

Versatility is key – it works with earthy tones as well as jewel tones, but it always contributes to a timeless, cocooning interior. Just what many of us want.

Save the week! Tilted mirror

Light On The Wallet: Dunelm Offers A Moroccan Mirror For £105.

Light On The Wallet: Dunelm Offers A Moroccan Mirror For £105.

Light on the wallet: Dunelm offers a Moroccan mirror for £105.

A long, curved mirror has several important advantages. It makes any room look bigger, improves lighting and requires no DIY skills: you just support it against the wall. Do this carefully and you will look slimmer and more toned.

Bargaining will increase your sense of well-being. At Dunelm, there are styles for every decor, with 30% off, including gilt-framed Midi (£42), Moroccan (£105) and Apartment (£91), with a high-life vibe. Is.

There is also a wider selection in the range, such as the Regency which has been reduced by 20% to £87.99. Its decorative gilt frame is very Bridgerton.

The Cotswold company offers an arched mirror in a moody black frame, priced from £179 to £149.

Rose & Gray has a large black Art Deco mirror, reduced from £595 to £505.75, which would look good in a 1930s home, and a black mirror now £191.25, down from £225. is less than, which can be planted in the garden. .

Anne Ashworth