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That’s the best way to describe the owner of the BC Lions.

From the opening Game One Republic concert to Beatty Street block parties to pulling out all the stops for the Lions’ first home playoff game since 2016, Doman and his front office team have gone out of their way to reconnect with those fans. Hard work has broken on it. Organization.

Since he bought the team last year, Doman has done his best to make the Lions relevant in Vancouver and B.C., including announcing Thursday that the club will host the 2024 Gray Cup.

“As the new owners of the Lions it was important to us to reintroduce the Gray Cup to BC – but more importantly to host Canada’s biggest sporting event in our beautiful province and city. It was a no-brainer,” Duman told me.

Win or lose against Calgary in the Western Semi Final, one thing is for sure – the Lions have made huge strides this year when it comes to re-engaging their fan base.

“The management team, and of course the football team, is making me feel good. The pace of the playoff game is just crazy and it’s a testament to the investment we’ve made in the Lions,” explained Duman, as the Stampeders organization. is expecting a crowd of over 30,000 for the game against

But when it comes to popularity, years of decline can’t be overcome in a single season and Doman knows there’s still a lot of work to be done.

“We need to hear how we can improve the fan experience every year. Build. Invest. Build. Invest. We’re never there – we can always improve and can be better. We will also continue to polish the CFL and promote it as a first-class league. However, we need to do more – which provides lower costs for families. We Community…youth…sport…investment needs to continue in all angles. We will never stop because tigers are an asset to a community. That is my mission,” Duman said.

As for the fan experience, Doman’s goal is not only to provide an entertainment product on the field, but to make the Lions game an event with a lot to offer.

“I want fans to feel engaged when they join us – in tough seasons or in good seasons. Get to know who our great players are – and allow us to bring you an event you’ll enjoy coming to.” A family experience – a party experience – a first-class sports experience that’s affordable for families. I’m going to make sure that happens – and man is it exciting,” declared Duman.

As for the 111th Gray Cup game, there are a few things I’ve learned in having the privilege of knowing Amar Doman. A man has vision. It also has the resources necessary to execute on that vision and has a solid front office staff to execute any plan. Thus, it might just break the mold when it comes to the 2024 Gray Cup Festival.

“It’s too early for details but number 111 will be remarkable. We think big,” he said.

Veteran BC sports personality Bob “The Mudge” Marjanovich writes twice weekly for Black Press Media. And check out his weekly podcast every Monday. Today in BC Or your local black press media website.

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