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Giants' Camilo Doval should come close for a post-season run. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Giants’ Camilo Doval should come close for a post-season run.

Giants' Camilo Doval should come close for a post-season run.

SAN FRANCISCO – Jack McGee looks set to return to the hill on Saturday or Sunday.

The manager will give Gabe Kepler, baseball czar Farhan Zaidi and the biggest baseball coaching staff a lot to chew on as the Giants move forward with whatever the post-season brings.

All the giants need to do is bring Camilo Doval closer to them, and this is no knock on McGee, who has been out with skewed tension since September 17 – in the meantime, make sure Doyle is no less than brilliant. That they are thinking about it.

Dowell beat San Diego Pedres 3-0 on Friday night, moving the Giants’ magic number to one to win the National League West. Eleven pitches, eight strikes. Two strikeouts and three perfectly matched hitters. And this is not the first time. This was Doyle’s third save in a week.

Giants have done well in their good years, but never like Doval. Rod Beck and Rob Nin were all blood and courage, Beck was coming out of his trouble and Nen often did the same with his slider. Brian Wilson was a one-year surprise who also had to work with his James. After a big year in 2010, Bruce Bucci closed his career with Santiago Cassella and Sergio Romeo.

McGee averaged 31 saves (five flying saves) and earned an average of 2.92. He did nothing but lose his position, which is part of the business. He is likely to win the division title with the Giants on Saturday or Sunday and avoid both the 163rd regular season game against the Dodgers and / or the wild card game against the Cardinals.

Because Kepler is not sure what he found physically in McGee, he was not going to do anything. Nor does it need to. But McGee is auditioning for his post-season role, depending on how he acts against Pedres.

“Once we know he’s healthy and strong, we know he’s going to pull a big innings for us.” I don’t know when that innings will be. I think it’s very clear that we have. There are some boys who are sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth and no one has married these particular characters. Jack can slip on any of them. We don’t hesitate to use it in a big place. Will

As McGee has stood out this season, doesn’t he scare you a little? It has a slight margin of error with 95-96 mph fastballs and an easy delivery that fools those who swing the letters on the balls, pitches that arrive a little faster than they expect. But when the Mack ball takes the ball one shadow less and into the strike zone, it suffers from line drives or worse.

Outside the Dominican Republic, Doyle, a 24-year-old right-hand man, owns elite equipment. Think of a young Aroldis Chapman. HIs Fastball runs at 100 miles per hour and its slider has fooled the big league hitters since August 14.

Camilo Doyle, 75, was greeted by Buster Posey after closing the San Diego Pedres on Friday night in Oracle Park. Carl Mundon / Bay Area News Group.

While it’s true that Doyle doesn’t know much about the playoff baseball, he didn’t look the least bit frightened on Friday night in front of 33,975 fans who imitated the playoff crowd. He retired to the side on 11 pitches, eight of which were strikes. Then a regular ground ball came to the double play ha-saving Kim to end the innings.

These are the three saves this week – the first three of Doval’s career – on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in the heat of a long race with the Giants and trying to stop the Dodgers. He has had a 15 1/3 scoreless innings since August 12 and in 13 games since being recalled from Triple A Sacramento, Dowell has struck out 18 in 13 1/3 innings and opponents have .116 against him. (5 for 43). .

Every major league baseball team is looking for someone who has that kind of wipe-out equipment, and he belongs to the giants when he can help establish a more traditional and effective post-season ballpark. With McGee playing a key role, the Giants have done remarkable work, even in the Ben Mix and Match. It’s a testament to the team’s chemistry that Belpin has progressed.