George Cruise leaves door open for Eddie Jones SOS World Championship

George Cruise set his sights on the Barbarians’ swan song against England in June, but the second row left the door open for Eddie Jones to send an SOS at the World Cup.

Cruis, who has won 45 caps for England, has announced that he is retiring at the end of the season at his Japanese club Saitama Wild Knights and is looking to play one last role at Twickenham for the famous guest team.

At 32, Cruise is still in his prime but has decided to step back on his own terms to focus on FourFive, his cannabis oil business. Despite the arrival of Johnny Hill, England were never able to completely replace Cruis’s set-piece prowess, and head coach Jones kept in touch with him.

There are several instances where athletes have not retired and Cruise has not ruled out definitively wearing the England jersey again if Jones calls ahead of the 2023 World Cup. “Never say never,” Cruis said. “I have a very good opportunity off the field with fourfive and I feel like I can’t ignore it anymore. I am very passionate about athletes doing things off the pitch and getting ready for life after rugby. I’m in a good position to give something a proper kick. Not at the moment, but never say never.”

For now, Cruise’s biggest priority is finishing his time in Japan with another trophy for Saitama Wild Knights and a cameo appearance for Baa Baas at Twickenham in June. “It would be a dream to finish with a trophy and then the Barbarians – I think that would be a natural progression for anyone who wants to end their career,” said Kruis. “That would be brilliant. I would like to. class stadium. I think it would be great to bring a few of my friends and relatives with me. This would be a great sign. It’s something I can’t think about until we’re done with the season and done with this side.”

Cruis was England’s most famous player to sign for a club in Japan’s money-rich Rugby First League, but he believes he won’t be the last. He said he was inundated with questions from Premier League players about his experience in the Far East. Premier League salaries have been hit hard as the salary cap has been lowered to £5m and several England players are known to be exploring their options after the 2023 World Cup.

Moving overseas would make the player ineligible for England selection, but Kruis says it could be a long-term benefit for them, pointing out how All Blacks stars like Brody Retallic have used moves to Japan’s less-tense league as sabbaticals. to extend his career. . “There’s a lot [of interest] to be honest,” Kruis said. “There aren’t that many of us here, so when someone wants to ask a question, they will probably contact me or one or two others. Due to salary caps, cuts in the UK and uncertainty surrounding Covid, there have been more changes this year. I think there’s a lot of interest in terms of what else is out there.

“If players can experience different things and then come back to play for their countries, it’s a brilliant well thought out strategy. You see it with New Zealand. They are quite far ahead on that curve in terms of giving players shorter seasons and some mental freshness. The same messages can get boring. This is a great way to reset the player. You have already seen how it has been successfully implemented with three or four key New Zealand members. I think it’s an interesting way to do it and I would support it too.”