Games Inbox: Is Battlefield 2042 a Bad Game or Not?

Battlefield 2042 – Was It Really a Disaster? (photo: EA)

The Thursday Inbox extols the virtues of Xbox S Series this Christmas, as a reader hopes for a Classic Mini N64.

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Missed opportunity
I almost laughed when I read EA’s attempt to play with the numbers Battlefield 2042 and claim that it was a huge success. I know there are mixed opinions on the game, and I can imagine it would look a lot better after a few fixes, but for me the launch was a near disaster and the game as it is. right now is not. Well.

It’s not a Cyberpunk 2077-style disaster or anything like that – although I’ve heard some people compare – but it was clearly just thrown in the state it was in to hit the date. output, with the usual logic of “we” will fix it later.

They can do it very well, but I think people these days are fed up with this attitude and are not ready to put up with it anymore. I definitely wish I hadn’t bought it and already feel a little jealous that I didn’t own an Xbox so I could play Halo instead. EA missed its big chance to beat Call Of Duty in a spectacular way, and they won’t have another one for a long time.
To concentrate

Endless tips
So I played some weird Halo Infinite games and voila, cheaters have cracked the beta. It drives me crazy. 343 should resolve this issue as soon as possible. PC player cross play should not be enabled now and put all cheats in the same game setups.

People should be rewarded for their team spirit and skills. Anyone can buy the automatic transmission they use to win every damn game they play. I won’t play until this is sorted out, fine. Do you think this will be fixed before launching GC?

CG: From what has happened with other games, no.

Autonomous upgrade
I recently bought cheap second-hand Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on PlayStation4 and added it to my overdue list. The main reason I did this is because of the PlayStation 5 upgrade fix that has been released, as I want to use the console as much as possible when new titles aren’t coming in as quickly.

I have now seen that a PlayStation 5 version of the game is cheap on Amazon for Black Friday and was wondering if there is a difference between the PlayStation 5 patch for the PlayStation 4 version or the standalone PS5 version? I looked online and didn’t really get a lot of responses and if there are I will buy for PlayStation 5 and sell PlayStation 4.

CG: We’re assuming they’re the same, but we haven’t played the game since the original release.

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Golden Raspberry
Legitimate grinding at the result of the Critic’s Award for the Golden joysticks. Much like the one you will feel if you watch the new Ghostbusters movie. Not in the depths of cinema hell with the 2016 fiasco, but not far. “Do you remember things from the original movie? Well, here are more, just the same ad nauseam.

I know the gaming industry can leave you with a ‘What the heck’ feeling when confusing decisions are made, but Hollywood has truly sunk into the unfathomable sea of ​​unfathomable void. What will they then extract from the 80s movie graveyard in an attempt to create a cinematic universe? Please don’t say another Gremlins rumor will turn out to be true, GC.
I will eventually hear the leaders whisper a sweet “reboot” into my nightmares.
The Twinkie eats, Stay Puft Gatekeeper

gVS : What does this have to do with the Golden Joysticks?

Mini console wars
Nintendo with its Switch console right now is about as close as it gets to a Mini N64 but here’s a suggestion that could very easily go in Nintendo’s favor. What if Nintendo included a wireless internet adapter in the Mini N64 and allowed people to buy and play SNES games, Game Boy, N64, etc.

This would be something Sony didn’t do with its PlayStation Classic and would give Nintendo the upper hand if they started doing it right now. I’m pretty sure it would sell a lot better if Nintendo did this and it would be a fantastic low budget option for retro gamers and help ensure that many of Nintendo’s greatest games aren’t forgotten.

While there are many attempts by fans to create their versions of an N64 Mini, I think Nintendo needs to start producing a Mini N64 now, before it’s too late and Sega and Sony release them. PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast Minis. If Nintendo got a head start, it would really help them.
gas to be rotten (gamertag)

CG: They are not forgotten, they are on Switch.

Xbox exploit
In response to Flashman’s thoughts on which console to buy, I can strongly recommend that he stick with buying an Xbox Series S.

I bought one just to try out Microsoft Flight Sim. However, I found out that Forza Horizon 4 got a whole new life and then that got usurped by the brilliant trip around Mexico that came with number 5.
Halo Infinite looks set to reclaim its top marksman crown. I wish I hadn’t been so useless (feeling like I let my team down) so I’m looking forward to the campaign so I can be useless at my pace.

The Game Pass is worth it only for the first board games, but if you find the odd gem from EA or any of the indie games it makes the membership even better.

Yes the small memory is a pain, however, I didn’t have a problem deleting and downloading as I tend to find that there are only two or three games that I play at a time. Also, if you already have a 4K TV, you are obviously missing out on that aspect by purchasing the S series. However, I couldn’t justify buying a new TV just to play games when I did. had one that did normal HD and was still working fine.

I would probably also love a PS5 at some point in the future, but the cheap price of Xbox Series S games and Game Pass due to this holiday season, and in the next year or two, has made it the good choice for me. Plus, there’s no game that kills that makes me feel like I’m missing out on not having a PlayStation 5 yet.

Also, if you really use the Microsoft Rewards system, you can get many free months of Game Pass. I have already had two months free in the last six months.
paulie wiseguy (gamertag)

Virtual console
I couldn’t decide which console to buy this Christmas, but then saw an offer to buy Google Stadia for £ 20! So I went to do this.

I’ve always been interested in tech and it’s probably worth £ 20 for the Chromecast alone.

Keep your cake
I’ve switched between quality / performance modes on a few cross-gen Xbox Series X games in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Forza Horizon 5. I’m both happy and a little disappointed with the results.

The big takeaway is that 60fps is finally a consistent feature on console. The latest-gen GPU-heavy consoles meant that 60fps was not possible on many titles. Consoles of this generation are much better balanced between performance and graphics. The results are silky smooth consoles to play with, with the added benefit of being as quiet as a mouse. Having the ability to switch between 30 and 60 fps very quickly highlights just how much smoother 60 fps is.

The slight disappointment is how much better quality mode graphics I found. For some reason, I didn’t expect to see a noticeable difference, but there’s the Quality Mode which looks a bit nicer on the two. Having the ability to switch between the two modes very quickly once again accentuates the difference. With Forza, it’s the density of the foliage and the general luxuriance of the biodomes and the absence of any pop-in in quality mode. With Guardians, Rocket’s fur is much better in quality mode, as are all materials and overall picture quality.

The important thing is that both modes do their job and that you have a choice. For Forza, I want the feeling of speed to be the smoothest, so this is the performance mode for me. For the Guardians there is a lot of walking and talking, the combat is fun but inconsequential, and the artistic design is beautiful, so this is the quality mode I played in. My experience with both, however, has confirmed that I will wait for the PS5 Pro before I get a PlayStation 5, I want a machine that does quality mode at 60fps. Take my cake and eat it.

Inbox also works
Halo Infinite is making huge numbers on Steam and Xbox. Hopefully they sort out the progression system, which they said they would. I’m just glad it looks like Halo is back!

On the Epic Games Store, free from 4 p.m. on Thursdays, you can find Antstream Arcade Epic Welcome Pack and The Hunter: Call Of The Wild. The Epic Welcome Pack apparently lets you buy arcade games for $ 15, but there’s a time limit. The other game is a hunting game, so not for everyone.
André J.

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What is the game’s achievement that you have the most difficulty understanding and is there anything it could do to change it, to make you interested in it?

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