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Gabby Petito case: Authorities search for vast reserves of nature for Brian Laundry, missing woman's family claims she is hiding - - Job Offer Ads
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Gabby Petito case: Authorities search for vast reserves of nature for Brian Laundry, missing woman’s family claims she is hiding

Gabby Petito case: Authorities search for vast reserves of nature for Brian Laundry, missing woman's family claims she is hiding
NORTH PORT, Florida (WABC) – Authorities are exploring vast natural reserves in Florida on Saturday as part of a search for Gaby Petito’s fianc برe Brian Laundry.

Local and federal law enforcement are working in a large county park called Carlton Reserve, spread over more than 24,000 acres and just north of the house where the laundry and petito Shared with parents.

Police say his family believes he entered the area earlier this week.

Petito’s family, meanwhile, claims that the laundry is not missing but is in hiding.

Petito issued the following statement overnight through his lawyer:

Gabby’s whole family wants the world to know that Brian is not missing, he is hiding. Gabi is missing.

The Florida North Port Police Department said on Twitter that it was working with the FBI to find the 23-year-old.

Police said Laundry’s lawyer contacted authorities Friday because the family wanted to talk about his disappearance.

He claims he has not seen Brian since Tuesday.

According to his lawyer, Steven Bertolino, investigators removed items from the laundry home to help him find them.

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Police said on Twitter that this was the first time the laundry family had spoken to them in detail about the case.

He reiterated that he was interested in Brian Gabby’s disappearance, but that he was “not currently investigating the crime.”

Both he and Petito are now considered missing.

Speaking to Good Morning America on Saturday, Northport Police Public Information Officer Josh Taylor said police were “trying to verify everything he told us.”

Taylor said the detectives spoke to Chris and Roberta Laundry in person on the phone with their lawyer.

“I wouldn’t say it was a complete conversation. His focus right now was on us to help him find his son,” Taylor said.

Taylor said investigators are working to link Brian’s journey from the western states to his home in Florida.

“Of course that truck didn’t go there,” Taylor said. “We’ve strengthened some parts of the timeline. We know his mother spoke to him, saw him on facetime on August 25.”

Watch the full GMA interview with Josh Taylor:

“We’re glad they called the police and they’d like to cooperate, but until I guess, I don’t know what to believe,” said Jim Schmidt, Petito’s stepfather.

A spokesman for the department appeared on CNN after Friday night and said the department had more details but could not be released.

“I think it’s going to get out of here very soon, we just want to put a little bit of our own, our ducks,” the spokesman said. “It’s a very fast evolving situation here for the last hour only really for the most part. So we’re working through it. We want to make sure we’re right in everything we do. Saying. “

Petito, a 22-year-old woman originally from Long Island, went missing on a cross-country road trip with laundry.

The Florida couple was traveling to Oregon when Petito stopped talking to his family somewhere in Wyoming in late August.

Laundry, which has. The name of the interested person is given. Police in North Port, Florida – Petito returned to his Gulf Coast home in a 2012 white Ford transit van, 10 days before Petitto was reported missing at Blue Point by his family.

Police in North Port held a news conference Thursday during which Petito’s father pleaded for his safe return and to talk to the laundry and stop the investigation.

“I need everyone’s help,” said Joseph Petito, “to bring Gabby home safely.” I am asking for help from everyone here. I am asking for help from everyone in the house. I’m asking for help from Brian’s parents, and I’m asking for help from family members and friends in the laundry family. “

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Petito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, said the last video chat with her daughter was on August 24 or 25, although they exchanged text messages for a few days.

Since then, she has said she is not sure if her daughter was sending the text.

“We don’t eat, we don’t sleep, we’re just actively looking for it,” he said.

The couple was documenting their trip on YouTube, and was due to arrive in Portland in October.

“We were excited for him,” Schmidt said. “I’m sure he’s in danger because he’s not in touch with us.” She may be alone somewhere. She may be trapped in the desert and needs help. “

Petito is described as a white woman, about 5 feet 5 and 110 pounds.

She has blonde hair, blue eyes and several tattoos, one on her finger and one on her arm that reads “Leave her alone”.

Detectives are asking anyone with information about Petito’s disappearance to contact Suffolk County Police at 1-800-220-TIPS, Northport Police Department 941-429-7382, or FBI 1-800-CALL. Contact the FBI or 303-629. -7171. Can provide information. Also submit online..

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