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Fremont City Manager Mark Dange may have been fired by the council. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Fremont City Manager Mark Dange may have been fired by the council.

Fremont City Manager Mark Dange may have been fired by the council.

Fremont – After three years as Fremont’s city manager, Mark Danaj abruptly resigned this week without explanation.

Although city officials are silent on the reason for the departure, city records suggest that the city council may have removed Danaj from the role, a decision that would cost the city more than 300 300,000.

According to a city statement, Fremont City Council accepted Danaj’s resignation during a special closed-door session on September 28, effective Thursday.

“It is an honor to serve the City Council, employees and Fremont residents,” Danaj said in a statement.

According to the separation agreement between Danaj and the city, the news organization reviewed, he will receive 10.5 months salary, a total of 29 294,292, which will be released in a lump sum payment within 10 days of his resignation. ۔

Danaj’s original five-year employment contract with the city from September 2018 states that if he is terminated by the city council for reasons other than “intentional corruption”, he is entitled to one year’s salary. Is. If he resigns voluntarily, it does not provide a paycheck.

Danaj will be paid in monthly installments from November 2021 to August 2022 so that the separation agreement was signed by Danaj on September 25 and Mayor Lilly May on September 29.

Under the agreement, he will receive ڈالر 50,000 from the city as payment for his “accumulated but unused public holiday time.”

In September 2019, the City Council agreed to give Danaj a “merit-based” 4% increase in recognition of better job performance.

Several city council members, who arrived by phone or text message, declined to comment on the story. Danaj did not respond to voicemails or text messages for comment.

The separation agreement requires confidentiality from city officials and Danj, and they are instructed not to “disclose any information about the existence or substance of this agreement.”

If anyone asks about Danaj’s exit, “each party will only state that Danaj resigned from the city service on September 30, 2021, and that the departure was mutually agreed upon.”

Danaj was the director of human resources in San Jose when he was hired by Fremont as an assistant city manager in 2011, and later moved to Manhattan Beach in 2014 to take a helm as a city manager.

“I want to thank the Fremont community and Mark Danaj for his dedicated service over the past three years, as well as our city manager,” Mayor Lilly May said in a city statement. .

“Mark has guided the city through several major milestones over the past 18 months as we underwent an unprecedented historic epidemic. Through his strong leadership team, Fremont continues to move forward and maintain its track record of stability. It’s a good position to keep. I wish Mark well, “May said.

This is not the first time that Danaj has apparently been evicted by his chosen owners.

When he was hired as City Manager at Manhattan Beach, Councilman Mark Burton praised Danaj as “really dynamic” and “a real sharp thinker” who would “impress everyone.”

Danaj was later fired by Manhattan Beach Council in early 2018.

Although the city did not provide details about the shooting, Danaj’s lawyer claimed at the time that Danaj was being pushed back against a directive to remove him from the post of assistant manager, which he had given to a former Fremont colleague. Nadine kept Nader to fill. According to the Daily Breeze newspaper.

According to the Daily Breeze, Nader was given a 200,000 salary and a س 2.3 million low-interest home loan by the city, which drew criticism from council members who paid consultants and higher salaries. Launched a crackdown on over-spending.

After being evicted from Manhattan Beach, Danaj returned to the Bay Area, where he was hired by Santa Clara in May 2018 as a part-time assistant to the City Manager to assist in the audit at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Statement

According to an article in Easy Reader News, Nader, who was later recruited by Santa Clara, helped bring Danaj aboard Santa Clara, and his recruitment helped keep him within the ambit of a more lucrative state pension plan. Allowed.

He worked in Santa Clara until the end of July, and on July 30, 2018, Fremont announced that the City Council had selected him for the post of former City Manager Fred Diaz. He officially took office in Fremont in September this year.

“Mark is an extraordinary choice for our next city manager,” May said in a statement at the time of his recruitment. “The City Council was looking for a leader with vision and experience, but also someone who understands Fremont’s unique challenges, opportunities and culture. With Mark, we achieve the best in all worlds.

According to the latest available Fremont compensation records, Dinaj was paid a base salary of 33 333,645 in 2020, compared to his total compensation package of about 4 18,418,000 this year.

Fremont’s statement said Assistant City Manager Brian Stout has been appointed acting city manager “until further notice.”