Former England star slammed for questioning whether wave of football player meltdowns was linked to Covid vaccine – RT Sport News

Former England and Manchester City player Trevor Sinclair has been criticized online after asking whether the recent collapse of a professional footballer could have been linked to the Covid vaccine.

Sinclair won 12 caps for England and one remembers a 14-year stint in the Premier League that started at his most associated club, Queens Park Rangers.

Now acting as an expert after performing, he made controversial remarks on popular UK radio station TalkSport.

Sheffield United Scottish star John Fleck was rushed to hospital on Tuesday following a scare in his side’s 1-0 win over Reading.

The following evening, in a Champions League clash against Real Madrid, Tiraspol sheriff’s winger Adama Traore went to the grass with a squeeze on his chest and had to be helped off the pitch by medical staff.

Elsewhere, Barcelona’s Sergio Aguero is set to retire after a heart attack earlier this month, while Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen suffered a high-profile incident at the European Championships this summer.

But even though there was no evidence that these events were linked to the Covid vaccine, Sinclair apparently suggested a link.

“I think everyone wants to know if he has had the Covid vaccine”, the 48-year-old started on Fleck.

Later on Twitter he also added: “Anyone I talk to about these heart problems that footballers suffer from (which seems to be worryingly happening more regularly) are they related to Covid vaccines or not ??”.

Sinclair was widely attacked for the comments.

“This is an inappropriate place to ask this question”, Sinclair has been notified.

“You beg for conspiracy theories. Ask a doctor. Ask a medical researcher.

“Do your own research online, paying attention to the reliability of the sources. Everything I’ve read says NO.”

“Some pretty irresponsible things to publish, Trevor” said another benevolent.

“If vaccines had anything to do with this, then surely millions of us would have new heart problems every day all over the world. And they don’t.”

“Hey, so you had an idea and now you’re asking people on social media if your imagination is reality” was another review.

But not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.

“We don’t know Trevor because TalkSport cut you off when you asked” came a response to his Twitter post.

“Fair play to you to have the balls to ask the question.”

“Yes Trevor, don’t ask any more questions and never think for yourself again” this was suggested in support, after another user told him to think before he tweeted.

“All of these comments are trying to be politically correct, to form a pair and say it like it is,” another frank voice asked.

“One of the main side effects of the vaccine is inflammation of the heart. Yet we are supposed to think that these sudden cases are a coincidence.”

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