Ellen DeGeneres (L) and Grayson Chance (R). (Getty)

Former child star Grayson Chance has spoken out against Ellen DeGeneres, calling her “manipulative”, “selfish” and “sheer opportunist”.


Chance, now 25, was just 12 when the video for his song came out “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga The school performance went viral on YouTube.


Talking with rolling Stone He reflected on the toxic experience he had with DeGeneres when she reached out to him after her viral fame. DAfter Chance went viral, he was invited to perform. Allan show


He recalled DeGeneres saying:I’m going to protect you. I’m going to be here for you. We are going to do this together.”


Chance said DeGeneres was initially fully invested in his talent, offering $10,000, a new piano and even co-founding a record label, Eleven Eleven, on which Chance signed. was signed as the first act.

However, things began to change as Chance’s career took off. Five months after signing with her, Chance was on a world tour and said DeGeneres became “overbearing and very controlling.”

“My whole week, my whole month, my whole year can change. [with] A text message from him. He was terrible. If he had any opinion, the whole matter would have changed.

On his tour with iCarlyMiranda Cosgrove, Chance and his mother Lisa hit back at DeGeneres for not watching Justin Bieber’s new documentary, “bratting” them both. Never say never.

After Chance’s career began “tanking” by 2012 with little interest in his touring and new music, he recalled DeGeneres “disappearing”.

He was unable to catch him and one by one the team he had gathered around him began to slip off the radar.

The return to Chance continued. Allan recently to perform his latest release in 2019, but said it’s an “active place of trauma” for him.

After the opportunity came out as gay, DeGeneres praised her courage. But for the occasion he just thought “behind the scenes, you are this extremely manipulative person”.

Chance has since cut ties with DeGeneres and the show itself, which ended after widespread allegations of bullying aimed at DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres refused to answer. rolling Stone About Chance’s allegations. Pink News has also been reached for comment.

Chance released his latest single. “My Dying Soul” On September 22


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