‘Fat-phobic’ shelter worker refuses to let ‘obese’ woman adopt dog

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An animal shelter worker has been accused of being “fatphobic” after she turned down an obese woman who wanted to adopt a dog.

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The activist wrote a long post. Redditwhich has since been deleted, shared that Rocky was in the shelter because his original owners “didn’t have the time/energy to care for him,” according to Listen to the UK.

The employee had zero luck finding someone who could keep up with the dog’s level of activity – until the woman in question attended an adoption event.

“Rocky jumped on a woman and bombarded her with kisses. Instead of pushing her away, he hugged her,” they detailed.

“It was love at first sight. Only problem? When it wasn’t hot, she was obese and drenched in sweat.

The employee said, “I know you can’t judge fitness by looks, but I’ve never met anyone fit enough to run more than two hours a day with a highly active dog. Or he can chase him when he jumps the fence.”

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The woman inquired about Rocky’s adoption and there were many positives — but the employee “couldn’t shake the anxiety.”

When the worker asked the woman about her fitness level, the prospective adopter replied that she had an “active lifestyle.”

But it was not enough.

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The employee explained, “I took him home with him, doing less exercise, trashing a sofa or two, and then taking him here or worse, to a kill shelter.” Saw it,” explained the employee.

“I told her she couldn’t keep it, and suggested she look at smaller animals like cats,” he said.

Naturally, the woman got angry and when the employee didn’t mention her weight, “she knew that was the reason I turned her away.”

The worker wrote that he “briefly doubted” his decision but “as I watched him struggle to walk to his car, I knew I was right. My boss said he would do the same.” .

The rejected woman took to social media to accuse the shelter of being “fatphobic” and now the owner is being harassed.

Redditors had no sympathy and blasted the employee for judging the woman for her size.

“Who else is fit enough to chase a dog for two hours a day, unless they’re unemployed and a long-distance runner?”, one person wrote. “I know people in wheelchairs who have dogs. Shouldn’t they be allowed to have one?”

Another put it simply: “It’s possible to be a dedicated, responsible pet owner without being thin.”