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The latest speculation surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s future concerns the Portuguese superstar’s sensational return to Spain in Atletico Madrid colors – but if the club’s legions of fans have nothing to do with it.

Exactly where Ronaldo will be when the various European leagues begin in the coming months is one of the most debated topics in football after the 37-year-old marksman announced his second move to Manchester United after the Red Devils. Clarified the desire. A poor Premier League campaign last season.

Ronaldo is believed to be looking for a new club that can give him a sixth Champions League crown but has so far had representatives rejected by a host of Europe’s elite clubs, including Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Such advances have been rejected. Ronaldo’s representatives.

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Ronaldo ready to pay to join Atletico Madrid – Media

Elsewhere, Real Madrid don’t seem keen on a comeback while cash-rich Paris Saint-Germain have resisted the temptation to pair Ronaldo with Lionel Messi, at least so far as their onslaught at the box office has resulted. What will the partnership be? .

So with the options narrowing, the latest possible destination being cited by the media is Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid – a move that would almost certainly involve Ronaldo’s former club on the opposite side of the Spanish capital. will incite tension with

But judging by the reaction from some of the Atletico faithful, they don’t want the potential move to become a reality either.

If this comes to my Atliti I will cancel two of my memberships….we are not a scumbag shelter.“, one supporter tweeted, as noted. Mirror.

It’s not just Atletico fans, fans of every club should reject Ronaldo.” added another, as the Twitter hashtag #ContraCR7 (against CR7) gained steam online.

A clown who represents everything that Atleti is not. It will destroy the locker room, the fans and everything it touches. This does not hold true in sports either. [he’s] In obvious declineAnother supporter had thoughts.

At the club we will never put brand, image or economic profit results before sporting or social ones.

Why Does Nobody Want Cristiano Ronaldo?

Publicly, new Manchester United boss Erik ten Hague has said that Ronaldo is at the forefront of his plans for the coming season but it is believed that the club will let him go if a suitable offer is received. will

Atletico, though, will require Ronaldo to take a significant cut of his reported £500,000-a-week ($600,000) wages if the deal goes through, although a loan deal with the split of wages between the two teams is more attractive. Could be a possibility. .

Others rejected the idea that Ronaldo would turn his back on Real Madrid – a club where he spent the best part of a decade – to represent their city rivals, although Ronaldo’s one-on-one with Manchester City Public conversations years ago showed that loyalties often come. Second only to finance and silverware in top-level football.

But wherever he ends up, it’s clear that the world’s most famous footballer is certainly not seen as the commodity he once was.