Expert testifies that Kelowna, British Columbia officer’s use of force was not consistent with training

It was the two eyewitness videos that first raised questions from the public about whether Const was really. Ziggy Emmit-Steven Petrzak used excessive force during his May 2020 arrest in downtown Kelowna.

On Thursday, the videos were shown in court as the trial of the attack on a RCMP officer in Kelowna resumed.

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Petschak is charged with one count of assault on Tyler Russell, whom officers tried to arrest on suspicion of drunk driving.

Partial video footage of the incident shows Russell wrestling with two officers before a third officer runs up and hits him several times.

After viewing the video in court, a senior RCMP officer called by the Crown as an expert witness testified that he believed Petrzak’s use of force in the video was inconsistent with RCMP training and policy.

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Police testify at trial of Kelowna RCMP officer accused of assault

A key factor for Staff Sgt. Leonard McCoshen landed some punches.

McCoshen explained in his testimony that fewer hits could be justified as a distraction method.

“I agree that one or two blows to the head are distracting, and in this case there are more. I counted four blows to the head without a break between blows to gauge their effectiveness or Mr. Russell’s reaction,” McCoshen said.

After watching the second video from a different angle, McCoshen said he saw nine hits.

If Russell’s behavior had been what the police call “aggressive”, it could have widened the range of use of force available to the police, but McCoshen testified from what he saw on partial video footage of the incident that Russell was simply actively resisting.

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Earlier, two officers who were at the scene at the time of the arrest gave testimony.

One told the court that he was grateful to Petrzhak for intervening, otherwise the situation could have become much worse.

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Another officer told the court that Russell was showing signs of threatening, and he also considered using a stun gun or punching Russell.

Russell was never charged in connection with the arrest.

Russell testified that he was not drunk driving, but was simply sitting in the car waiting for a ride prior to the police incident.

Petshak’s trial is due back in court on Friday.

RCMP officers testify at trial of Kelowna police officer

RCMP officers testify at police assault trial in Kelowna – May 25, 2022

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