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EPA intends to clean up disturbing chemical and pesticide programs. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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EPA intends to clean up disturbing chemical and pesticide programs.

EPA intends to clean up disturbing chemical and pesticide programs.

Environmental Protection Agency Make plans today to improve scientific integrity, including the creation of two internal science policy advisory councils. One will focus on pollution prevention and toxic office and disaster pesticide programs and will be chaired by a science policy adviser, a new senior level role within the agency. EPA will also overhaul its new chemicals division.

The announcement comes after a large-scale report on The Intercept. Allegations of corruption From five whistleblowers within the New Chemicals Division, which is part of the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxicity, and detailed Extensive issues Inside the Office of Pesticide Programs.

Whistleblowers have provided the agency with detailed evidence of interference in the evaluation of dozens of new chemicals that companies plan to introduce to the market. Scientists documented. Severe pressure Reduce or eliminate evidence of potential harm caused by chemicals within the agency, including neurological effects, birth defects and cancer. they also Reported That their results were altered or deleted from the assessment without their knowledge.

The EPA has undertaken its planning efforts to advance scientific integrity in the New Chemicals Division by “cataloging, prioritizing and improving its standard operating procedures (SOPs), decision-making and record keeping practices.” Described as a top-down effort to review and manage new chemicals under the Toxic Materials Control Act. Science will review policy issues.

“Strong, resilient science trusts our decision-making among the public that we serve.” Are the latest in a series of OCSPP initiatives to restore peace. Since taking office, President Joe Biden has repeatedly stated his intention. Eliminate the impact of industry On environmental policy, which was. Flourishing During Former administration.

But Tim White House, executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, an organization that represents whistleblowers, suspects that EPA does not punish violators of scientific integrity if it does not punish staff members. ۔ .

“While these practices and procedures can improve conditions inside offices, they do not change the culture within the agency,” the White House said. “The key issue in the EPA that needs to be addressed is that middle-level managers who violate scientific integrity laws and policies must be held accountable. And that doesn’t seem to be happening.”

According to the White House, the manipulation of chemical analysis by whistleblowers is only part of the agency’s larger problem. He said, “I would hope that senior managers and political leaders at EPA would arrive and meet and talk to them in person, not only our clients but also dozens and dozens of individuals who have demonstrated scientific integrity against their management.” Complaints have been lodged. “

The EPA Inspector General is currently investigating the allegations of whistleblowers.