More than half of the 40 football clubs surveyed would consider kicking off their matches at lunchtime.

English Football League (EFL) clubs are set to hold lunchtime kick-offs at the weekend in a bid to end the spending crisis facing the UK, an online survey has found.

Oh Survey Football reform group Fair Game found that 63 per cent of 40 clubs asked – including 12 EFL teams – to lower their energy bills if allowed to kick off earlier for weekend league matches. will consider off, and therefore take advantage of the reduction in daylight. Winter is going.


Furthermore, 50% of clubs surveyed would consider the same measures for FA Cup fixtures.

Clubs overall rated their concern about the cost-of-living crisis at seven out of 10, rising to eight out of 10 for those in League Two, the fourth tier of English professional football.



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As a result of the crisis, which has brought huge gas and electricity bills to households and businesses, 40 clubs are considering whether they should halt stadium improvements while 38% are reviewing their non-playing staff budgets. Preparing to do.

The publication of the survey comes at a time when Premier League clubs, the EFL and the rest of the English football pyramid, are set for further discussions on the financial distribution model to support the pyramid.

Dubbed the ‘New Deal for Football’, it is expected to introduce a new merit-based payment system for clubs in the second-tier championship and changes to so-called parachute payments.

At a shareholders meeting in London on Wednesday, however, the Premier League’s 20 giants were still not expected to sign off as Fair Game chief executive Neil Cooper stressed that the survey results indicated that Why urgent action is needed.

“The results paint a very bleak future for football outside the top tier of the game,” Couper said, the predicted cost of living crisis “Down the pyramid could be the d*ath knell for hard-working community clubs.”

Rising food prices in the UK

Rising food prices in the UK

Couper is a lower league football club. “The heartbeat of their communities”but claimed that they currently are. “In Intensive Care” With Premier League clubs “At best an adhesive plaster is going to render.”

“They have decades to solve this problem and should stand aside.” Cooper demanded.

“Now it is up to the government to step in. A recent fan-led review by the Conservative Party has revealed the financial flows within the sport, and the governance behind it has broken down.

“We were promised leveling, instead we could see football stadiums across the country being leveled with decades of history and tradition wiped off the map.

“Govternment now needs to deliver on its promise of an independent regulator. A regulator that can oversee football’s financial flows. Without it, the pyramid of our national sport will crumble.” he concluded.

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Although the UK government has promised to help businesses with rising energy costs, it is not yet clear whether this will benefit lower league football clubs or how long the support will last.

Although his predecessor Boris Johnson and former culture secretary Nadine Dorries both supported the introduction of an independent regulator in the English game, RTE They say It is understood there is growing hope among clubs in the top flight that plans for it will be watered down or scrapped altogether under the watch of Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss.

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