Elon Musk has criticized a Wall Street Journal report that said he had an affair with the wife of the Google co-founder.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to deny a Wall Street Journal article earlier this week that claimed he had an affair with the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Mr Musk downplayed the amount of media attention it had attracted but said he would ignore the article, calling it poor, unsupported “hearsay”.

“The amount of attention paid to me has gone supernova, which is extremely useless. Unfortunately even trivial articles about me generate a lot of clicks,” Mr. Musk said. “I will try my best to concentrate on doing useful work for civilization.”

The Wall Street Journal article in question alleges that Mr. Musk had an affair with Nicole Shanahan in 2021, which led Mr. Byrne to file for divorce in January. The couple reportedly split in December.

According to the Journal, the contact in question took place at Art Basel in Miami in December. The article also claims that, at another event earlier this year, Mr Musk fell to his knees and asked Mr Byrne to forgive him.

Since the article’s publication, Mr. Musk has gone on the offensive, taking much of his anger out on Wall Street Journal investigative editor Michael Ciccolfi.

In an attempt to discredit the article, Mr. Musk posted a selfie of himself partying with Mr. Byrne, which Mr. Musk said was taken last Sunday.

“The WSJ should run stories that actually matter to their readers and have a solid factual basis, not random third-party talk,” Mr. Musk said.

He further tried to refute the report by claiming that “[I] Omar hasn’t had sex in ages (sigh), and claiming that Mr. Secnolfi has no journalistic integrity.

“None of the key people involved in these alleged wrongdoings have even been interviewed!” Mr. Musk said.

Mr. Secnolfi has not responded to Mr. Musk’s comments.

Mr. Musk has often been under the media microscope this year. He is accused of secretly fathering children with various women and exposing himself to flight attendants, which he denies.

Both Mr. Musk and Mr. Byrne have been close associates for years.

Mr. Byrne helped Mr. Musk with his financial efforts during the 2008 recession and they have been seen together at various events since then.

However, the article by Kristen Grind and Emily Glaser claims that the affair between the two has ended and that Mr. Byrne has instructed his aides to sell all of their investments in Mr. Musk’s companies.

The Wall Street Journal said it stood by its story and sources despite Mr. Musk’s allegations.

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