ECB to unveil 12-point action plan on racism following Azeem Rafiq’s claims

Cricket’s 12-point action plan to tackle racism is expected to be unveiled later Thursday as the sport continues to feel the fallout from Azeem Rafiq’s explosive testimony.

Officials from the England and Wales Cricket Council met with the 18 First Class Counties last week to discuss the plan, which aims to initiate a radical overhaul of locker room and meeting room cultures.

It is understood that counties that fail to comply with the new guidelines, which will include a minimum representation of ethnic minorities at board level, risk having their ECB funding revoked.

ECB to release 12-point plan in response to allegations by Azeem Rafiq (PA)

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Former English captain Michael vaughan who was involved in one of Rafiq’s allegations, was excluded from BBC team for the upcoming Ashes tour due to what the company has described as a potential “conflict of interest”.

The former England captain was taken off his BBC radio show earlier this month after Rafiq alleged Vaughan said “too many of you, we have to do something” to him and to a group of other Asian players before a Yorkshire match in 2009.

A BBC spokesperson said: ‘Although he is involved in an important history of cricket, for editorial reasons we don’t think it would be appropriate for Michael Vaughan to have a role in our Ashes team. or broader sports coverage for the time being.

“We ask our contributors to speak on relevant topics and his involvement in Yorkshire history represents a conflict of interest.”

Michael Vaughan has been removed from BBC coverage of the Ashes (Nick Potts / PA)

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In a statement released earlier this month, Vaughan said he “categorically denied” the allegations against him and described them as “completely false.”

And on Wednesday, Vaughan said he was “very disappointed” with the BBC’s decision, but confirmed he was still looking forward to getting to Australia as a member of the Fox Sports team.

Vaughan wrote on his Instagram account: “Very disappointed not to comment for TMS on the Ashes and he will miss working with great colleagues and friends, but I can’t wait to be behind the mic at @foxcricket in Australia.

“The problems cricket faces are more important than any individual case and I want to be part of the solution, listening, educating myself and helping to make it a more welcoming sport for all.”

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